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Elizabeth Wyatt

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Jan 6 2016, 01:55 AM
It had been a crazy few months, signing pacts and meeting demons. Multiple demons. Well, not that Elizabeth really thought of Chrys that way. Chrys was nice, a little bit strange, but she didn’t seem to possess the same malevolence as her brother and...whatever it was that Ron actually was. After her encounter with Ron, Lissi had started poking and prying for information. Ultimately she wanted to keep whatever it was from getting loose and doing what Rhodium had done...or worse. Lissi’s stomach still churned uncomfortably when she thought back to that day.

She had spent the better part of the last few weeks buried in books and talking to folks, tirelessly looking for answers. But all the good intentions in the world were useless without the proper tools. There was one person in the Valley Lissi knew who had to have some insight. Ron had, after all, been able to “smell” Chrys on her.

And so it was Elizabeth found herself on Chrys’s front porch early one weekend morning. Was it too early to come calling? Did beings like Chrys sleep? Did any of it matter given that an entity like Ron was looming in the High Umbra, waiting for Darcy to pass out so he could go on a joyride again? Lissi knocked on the front door, not quite frantically but with a sense of urgency and purpose that would not be easily dismissed. “Chrys? Chrys are you home? It’s me, I need your help.”
Jan 2 2016, 05:13 AM
Nothing gets people to dismiss someone as crazy quicker than talk of demons, at least that was the problem Lissi had been running into. Here she was, trying to do the responsible thing and prevent the unleashing of an entity more terrible than words could describe, and she was met with apathy and resistance on all fronts. On top of being generally frustrating, it was particularly tough for her personally. She actually cared about her reputation. She had to be careful, choosy about who she approached for help lest she become a target of ridicule.

Logically then, her fellow Gardeners seemed like a good resource to explore. They already believed in the existence and threat of terrible eldritch entities, what was one more demon in a sea of horrible monsters. And so it was that Elizabeth had decided to track down Eidus. His address had been acquired easily enough, it had only required pulling a few strings at the university, and before Elizabeth knew it she was walking up the driveway to what she assumed was his house. She hoped Eidus would agree to assist her. It would have been nice if he knew what to do with an entity like Ron, but Lissi wasn’t going to hold her breath.

Turning onto the front walkway, Elizabeth stepped up to the front door and knocked. She waited, greeted only with silence for a long moment before deciding to knock again. Nothing. Perhaps she’d just come at a bad time, she certainly wasn’t privy to Eidus’s schedule. More silence. Resigned, Elizabeth turned to leave and as she did so she heard what sounded like activity coming from the garage. Snooping probably wasn’t the most considerate thing to do, but she had her reasons.

“Hello?” Lissi called out as she approached the garage. “Eidus, are you home?”
Dec 23 2015, 03:55 AM
Elizabeth hadn’t expected that searching for information on “a demon named Ron” would yield many results, especially given that Ron wasn’t its real name. Still she had hoped that someone, somewhere would know something about it. She had set her own studies aside, delaying them yet again as she devoted a large portion of her time to trying to figure out what exactly she and Darcy were dealing with.

Lissi set her sights on asking around. She was as careful about it as she could be, not wanting the town to descend upon Darcy’s hotel room with torches and pitchforks, but the going was rough. Many stink eyes were to be had as she tried to casually slip questions about demons into conversations with both the living and the dead. Turns out, people didn’t really enjoy talking about demons. Those few who didn’t mind the discussions didn’t have anything useful to add. Resigned, Elizabeth eventually turned her focus to a more academic approach.

Tome after tome was painstakingly poured over with little to show for it. There had been one, one singular grimoire that might have held a lead. Nicknamed the ‘Demonomicon’ by one of the librarians, it contained within it the names and short curriculum vitae of thousands of demons. This book contained only human-approximations of the demonic names, of course. Mortal text simply could not convey the abstract sounds and concepts of their true names, but it was a starting point. Knowing the entity only as ‘Ron’ was not particularly helpful either. Trying to find names that might be related was a lot like playing a really shitty, really tedious game of telephone.

Elizabeth laboriously copied down the information of demons whose transliterated names contained within them anything remotely similar to “Ron”. The end result was a spiral bound notebook full of possibilities. This was, of course, assuming that Ron was somewhere in the book to begin with. But he had said he’d dealt with humans before, so if anyone had lived to talk about the encounter it should’ve been in the tome somewhere. Maybe. God, she hoped so.

In the end she was left where she’d started: Checking up on Ron’s poor meat suit, walking home on moonlit streets, trudging up the darkened steps of her front porch, and opening the door to her little rental house with nothing useful to show for all the work she’d put in over the last couple weeks.
Dec 10 2015, 10:26 AM
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Oct 7 2015, 04:54 PM
The weather had taken a turn for the cold, bringing with it the sound of crisp brown leaves and the faint, sweet smell of decay. Freshly carved Jack o’ lanterns sat stalwart on front porches, waiting for their night to shine. All Hallow’s Eve approached but was not yet upon the citizens of Columbiana. In the meantime, bright orange flyers had been pinned to nearly every bulletin board on campus and some in town. Their heavy black typeface advertised a bonfire, s’mores, and advised partygoers to bring their own drinks, chairs, and terrifying campfire stories.

The sun dipped below the horizon, casting vibrant shades of red and orange across the sky momentarily before fading into a bright, starry night. A small camp of sorts had been made on The Green. At its heart blazed a bonfire ringed by several stands of folding chairs. Some partygoers had already arrived and were milling about. A few helped themselves to graham crackers, cheap chocolate, and marshmallows while others relaxed in their chairs, happy with beer or soda.

The event wasn’t Elizabeth’s idea, at least not in its entirety, but she had played a part in its organization. She had to celebrate the splendor of Halloween somehow as she was generally a bit busy to celebrate on All Hallow’s Eve itself. As the crowd began to settle in, Lissi took to her feet. She tucked her bottom lip under her teeth and let out a loud, shrill whistle that drew the attention of the crowd.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen.” She began, “My name is Lissi and tonight I am your emcee. We have provided for your enjoyment, fixings for s’mores over there.” Her statement was accompanied with a grand gesture in the direction of the free snacks. “Drinks are on you guys. I cannot condone any underage drinking, so if you’re going to do it, for fuck’s sake don’t tell me.”

“That said, I hope you all came prepared with scary stories. We’d hoped to include some awesome prize, but the budget wouldn’t allow for it. Therefore, the person with the most terrifying story, as determined by a show of hands, will win themselves a pat on the back and bragging rights.”

“Now, do I have any volunteers? Anyone who would like to go first…” Lissi pointed at the crowd, slowly scanning through the group for anyone who wanted to come forward.

[[OOC note: Feel free to come up with your own scary story or adapt one you’ve heard before. Just make sure that if you’re adapting a story that you give credit to the source material where applicable.]]
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