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 Kimiko Takahashi, Graduate | Jerbiton
Kimiko Takahashi
 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:36 PM
Jerbiton Magister
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Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Kimiko Takahashi

Alias: Kim, Slip_Stream

Age: 27

Character Type: Graduate Student

Profession: Doctoral Student, Computer Science Professor

House: Jerbiton

Secret Societies: Freemasons

PB: Mitsuoka Masami

Appearance: No notable differences.



Personality: You love life, you really do. There’s an electrical magic pervades the very air of the modern world, and you want to ride that lightning. The advent of wireless technology around the world brings you great amusement, constantly giggling about riding the air waves like an invisible bird. Anyone who asks you your opinion gets it in spades, but you’re never rude about it. Indeed, when the chips are down, you drop your effervescent demeanor in an instant and you’re all business. You switch between boisterous to serious in moments.

Public History: Kim stood out, even a young age. While she was not the smartest, nor the most athletic, nor the prettiest, nor any other distinction of greatness amongst her peers she still made herself known as clever, active, and cute. A "jill-of-all-trades," Kim rose high in middle and high school; with the social flexibility and charm to make friends with everyone, she never found it difficult to go anywhere and do anything she needed. Of course, her self-esteem took a small dive when, in her senior year, she was approached by a handful of young women from the Academy.

Turns out, she had been using magic for her entire life, though she hadn't known it. The Academy had been watching her, waiting for an Awakening to indicate a conscious awareness of her abilities, even informing her parents to contact the school if they noticed anything, but it had never come. Only when the leader of this trio of Academy women had, on a lark, sought out the girl's aura for inspection did they realize that Kim was such a natural that she might well have been Awakened from birth.

Whisked away to the Academy, Kim didn't find herself quite so comfortable (as her magic was less effective on those who could also work it), but she still excelled in her schooling. Her natural charms made her friends (though less than she mystically had in high school) and her natural ease with magic led to an early graduation and earning a reputation amongst the graduate students of Jerbiton. In fact, she left a strong enough impression on her peers that, when the former Jerbiton Magister met his untimely end under mysterious circumstances last year, the freshly minted Dr. Takahashi found herself nominated to take his place. While she still doubts her worthiness for the position, she is doing the best she can to live up to what everyone expects of her.

She eventually found that she simply couldn't do it. Between her own studies, teaching classes, and attempting to manage an entire House Kim was fraying quite badly. A timely intervention from Noah Fenwick proved beneficial and Kim stepped down (officially taking a "sabbatical" from her status as Magister and appointed Paul Thompson to lead in her stead. When she is a little older and done with her studies, she hopes to reclaim the title, but for now teaching her classes and studying is more than enough for her.
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