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 Wyrdling FAQ, All those lingering questions
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 09:56 PM
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This page is guest friendly. Please feel free to leave a reply and ask any Wyrdling-specific questions you may have!

Can I play a Hybrid (A Vampire/Wyrdling, a Mage/Werewolf, etc)?

No. While some such combinations do exist in the setting they aren't playable for two reasons. The first is that they're simply too rare. All Supernaturals combined constitute only about 1% of the human population of the world. Any one group is .25% or less and the cross breeds are even rarer. The chances of seeing one is exceedingly rare the the point that many doubt such a thing is possible. That aside, the second reason is simple complexity and balance. We here at KPW are trying to keep things simple and hybrids throw any such simplicity out of whack as we try to find a way to balance powers.

What is the place that the Wyrdlings are transported to called? Do they all go to the same place?

It varies. Wyrdlings are created when they enter a realm touched by an Elder One. Basically, they're older than you could possibly imagine and have a nasty habit of consuming worlds and transforming everything therein. Any poor soul who crosses paths with that realm are affected by the changes put in place by the Elder One. There's no definite number of these realms, but most (think 90% of all Wyrdlings) come to be in the realm known as Arcadia, or get changed by an entity with ties to Arcadia. There's also no definite list of what can and can't be found inside Arcadia, so let your imagination go nuts when it comes to coming up with just what happened to your Wyrdling on the "other side" and just how they ended up there.

There are two other realms that create Wyrdlings that are known by name: The Eternal City and the Great Dark. However, these realms are incredibly mysterious and very few Wyrdlings are created therein. More information will be revealed about these realms in time, but for now, anyone interested in exploring these options can PM an Admin.

So what exactly goes down in Arcadia? How long does a Wyrdling stay there? How does time work therein?

Anything and everything can happen in Arcadia. That sounds like a cheap way to not have to explain anything, but it's the truth. This is because the staff wants players to have a lot of freedom in deciding how their Wyrdling came to be. Want to have your Wyrdling spend a bajillion years slaving away in a gold mine to appease some "master" who has an affinity for shiny things? That's cool. Want to have your mermaid-esque Wyrdling have spent countless hours singing siren songs to lure unsuspecting sailors to their untimely demises against some jagged rocks simply because they had a compulsion to do so? That works too. Pretty much anything is doable in Arcadia.

Time is relative in Arcadia. Your Wyrdling may be touched by an Elder One and feel like they've been swept away for a hundred years only to escape and find out they were gone for fifteen real-world minutes. Or they may get snatched away and return only seconds later to find that fifty years have gone by. There is no time requirement to make a Wyrdling; do what works for you.

Can Wyrdlings see through each other's Glamour? Can humans or other supernaturals see through it?

Yup. It's part of being a Wyrdling; you can see your fellow Wyrdling's true forms, and they can see yours. Humans and other supernaturals, however, can not normally see through a Wyrdling's Glamour. There are three circumstances under which they can:

1.) Immediately after someone turns into a Wyrdling their true form is visible until their Glamour kicks in (this only lasts a short time, three days at the most), and anyone who catches a glimpse of them will see their true form.
2.) The Wyrdling allows them to see through it. A Glamour can be temporarily dropped for a short amount of time.
3.) A fellow supernatural can potentially see through a Glamour by using certain powers or casting certain spells. In this case, it's best to ask the Wyrdling in question if they are okay with the spell/power succeeding.

That being said, anyone who sees past a Glamour will NOT remember what it is they saw after the fact, due to the nature of the Mysts. They may remember that something isn't quite right about the Wyrdling, but they will not be able to fully remember what that something is.

Okay, wait, what are the "Mysts"?

The Mysts are the mystical forces that keep Wyrdlings from being discovered. It's what keeps their Glamours in place and what stops ordinary folks from seeing whatever oddities befell them after they changed. Think of it like Cinderella's fairy godmother -- everyone at the ball saw a beautiful ball gown and a fancy carriage drop Cinderella off at the ball, but she herself knew she was wearing torn up rags and riding around in a pumpkin.

What is up with this conspicuous consumption thing?

Basically, your Wyrdling has to consume something to keep their "essence" going. They're no longer human, so regular food just won't fully cut it anymore. They can still eat human food, of course, but the urge to sate that "conspicuous consumption" must still be filled. This can be pretty much anything you can think of, though it is recommended to have whatever it is tie-in with their transformation. (ie, a golem Wyrdling might need to eat rocks, a tiger Wyrdling might need to eat raw meat, a techno Wyrdling might have to gnaw on old computer monitor cables, etc.)

Can I give my Wyrdling more than three traits?

Sorry, but no. This is simply in the name of fairness to ensure all Wyrdlings are on equal footing.

What's this whole thing about Elder Ones and Colorado and people changing into Wyrdlings because of it?

Long story short, an Elder One was summoned in a valley named Columbiana somewhere in Colorado, and it ended up being contained therein. Some people are still trapped in the valley, and the Elder One's presence is taking a toll on them. That said, some people managed to escape the valley before the containment bit happened, and those people may have been exposed to the Elder One's elder-y power-y stuff. So, if you'd like your character to have been changed that way, it's definitely an option. That said, it's totally optional, and you have every right to ignore it in favor of coming up with something else entirely.

How long do Wyrdlings live? Are they immortal? Do they age?

Wyrdlings live as long as it makes sense for them to do so. Some keep their normal human life spans, others don't. Again, this is completely up to you and how you want to play your character. They aren't immortal in the same sense that, say, a vampire would be, and anything that would logically hurt your Wyrdling can do so (ie, a Wyrdling made of fire might not necessarily take damage from a blowtorch, but gets hurt if hit with water). They do age, though depending on what sort of Wyrdling you've made, how that happens may vary.

Can my Wyrding have kids?

If you'd like them too, yes. There's no set rule about Wyrdlings pro-creating, and whether or not their child will be a Wyrdling is once again up to you. It is not hereditary that a child born to a Wyrdling will end up with the same fate, but they very well may. Again, your character, your call.

What is a Conspiracy? Which ones can my Wyrdling join? Do they have to join?

Think of a Conspiracy like a group or club your character can join. In essence, all the members of a Conspiracy share similar goals and work together to achieve them. There are currently two Wyrdling-centric Conspiracies, the Red Hat Society and the Lawn-Art Irregulars. Information for both Conspiracies can be found here. Being a member of a Conspiracy is entirely optional, and it's up to you to decide if your character joins one or not.
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