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 Winter Revolution, State of the Site
 Posted: Jan 4 2016, 04:21 PM
Man with a Plan
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Hello, hello, hello!

It’s been a busy month here at No Books, to say the least! A new SWP has changed things up in Columbiana Valley, affecting just about everyone (but not everyone equally). What’s more, we’ve seen quite a few new players arriving on the scene, so welcome all new folks! ^_^

For those paying attention, there is now a quarantine in place around Columbiana Valley. While we here at No Books will never require our players or their characters to necessarily involve themselves with the Site-Wide Plots and their effects. That said, please be aware that while the National Guard and City Hall will be striving to maintain normalcy for the populace, there are details that even the least-connected Valley dweller should keep in mind:
  • The quarantine surrounds the Columbiana Valley pretty much completely. That means no jumping on the highway for a daytrip to Denver. While admittedly, the troops are sparse out in the wilderness this is for a reason. Namely, they have trouble traipsing through the wild forest of the farside of the Valley but so would characters. A truly determined and careful person could probably make it through the quarantine line that way, it’d be rare and it’d be equally difficult to return.
  • The quarantine line ends just a few hundred yards up the road from the Mystery Shack, so absolutely none of the sub-forums/boards here at No Books are directly affected by the line.
  • As the CDC and the National Guard are mortal/sleeper organizations, they cannot extend the quarantine to the Umbra or the Hedge. Thus, a determined Mage or Changeling could enter or leave through those methods, but a strange psychic interference would make return strangely difficult. For details on this, check out the upcoming SWP!
  • If you dont want to deal with this SWP, you don’t have to! We only ask that you be aware of the travel restrictions as long as the quarantine lasts. It won’t be more than a month or two until the current SWP (and its splinter threads) ends.

Now that we have that out of the way… I hope people enjoy the SWP and take part in it, both No Books veterans and new folks! There'll be a new (technically spin-offs) set of SWP threads in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

In an out-of-universe sense, No Books is pretty much chugging along as normal. We have another monthly RP activity this month, so those looking for a bit more XP, check it out! Also, thanks to Ludo, we have a new “Thing a Week” thread, which will update each Friday. This is a way of getting to know your character a little better and earn a bit of XP besides. As for the promised maps… Well, we’re a bit behind schedule on this, but the drafts are done. Just need a few more once-overs and then scans of said drafts will be posted for all to see/comment on! Hopefully, within the next week or so.

As always, if anyone has questions/comments/criticisms, please feel free to let us know!

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