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 December RP Challenge
 Posted: Dec 1 2015, 02:29 PM
Man with a Plan
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This Month's Bonus Event: Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men

The month of December is often called the Holiday Season, and not just by those who are determined not to offend anyone. It has earned the title because of the sheer number of holidays, both religious and (semi-)secular events that all seem to coincide with this time of the year. The harvest is done, the fields are empty and the work of the year is complete. It is a time of cold and quiet and darkness throughout the northern hemisphere, and thus it is a time when humanity turns its thoughts inward. Self-contemplation and family togetherness seem to be the watchwords of the season, a time when the cold and dark makes us dream of warmth and light.

Thus, for this installment of our monthly Bonus Event, we here at No Books want everyone to explore what the Holidays mean to your character. Show us their family's Chanukah celebrations, the Christmas dinner they put on for their friends, or even the cold and dark evenings spent alone and wondering if another year is worth the effort. This is a chance to show us how your character deals with the contrast between light and dark, cold and warmth, happiness and sorrow that exemplifies the season.

There are two ways to enter the contest this month:
1) You can create a new thread pertaining to our challenge. The rules for doing so are described below.
2) You can produce a creative solo piece related to the challenge. These pieces can be artwork (a drawing of your character's family opening gifts) or it can be a journal entry {describing their exploration of Kwanzaa perhaps?), or anything related to the challenge.

The Rules
  • While the thread itself does not have to be set on (or even all that close to) any particular holiday, it must thematically relate to the season somehow.
  • The thread must be tagged both "Open" and "Event" to qualify, we want as many characters as possible to get in on the fun!
  • There are no restrictions on who can start or join a thread to earn the rewards, this is for Sleepers and Changelings too!
  • Enjoy yourselves!

The Rewards
  • Those who join an Event thread: All characters who participate in at least one Event thread will receive a free in-character perk of the player choosing for no XP! These can be enchanted items, a sphere level, a clause, or something else that benefits the character. If you aren't sure if your idea will work, contact an admin.
  • Those who start an Event thread: All players who create an Event thread that gets at least one other character to join will get the award detailed above plus 10xp! Even if the thread doesn't finish by the end of the month!
  • One lucky Event thread: At the end of the month, one lucky thread will be chosen as our winner and its participants will each gain (in addition to the above prizes) a choice of either one their characters to playing a pivotal role in a future SWP or a bonus 25xp.

We hope our players will join us for this event and have tons of fun with this event!

As always, if anyone has any questions/comments/criticisms please feel free to let us know!
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