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 Conspiracies, OPTIONAL: Single and Multispecies groups
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 10:54 PM
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Conspiracy Name: The Gardeners
Local Leader: Steven Inconnue (Grand Gardener of N. America & Master Gardener of Columbiana)
Purpose: To protect the world from the Elder Ones and other extraterrestrial/extradimensional threats.
Species Allowed: Magi, Townies (Rarely), Vampires & Werewolves (Extremely Rarely)
Ranks: Grand Gardener (9 across the globe, global leaders) -> Master Gardener (By city and/or region) -> Gardener (Full Member) -> Initiate (Probationary Member)
Initiation: A period of three years as an Initiate; the initiate then is taken to a place where Full Members expose the Initiate to one of the Bound (powerful servants of the Elder Ones captured by the Gardeners) and forces the creature to reveal its true form. If the Initiate does not go mad upon seeing the creature's form, they are granted full member status.
Summary: The Gardeners are those few magi who know of the true threat that the Elder Ones and their servants represent; thus they are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure these Eldritch entities remain trapped in their slumbering state. Lengthy rituals, decades of constant vigilance, and even open mockery from less believing friends and allies are the cost of ensuring that this tiny globe continues to exist for the Council and the Order to fight over.
It is worth noting that The Gardeners are the only secret society who does not care about a mage's allegiance in the Schism War. While the organization is primarily populated by members of the Council, but there is a significant handful of Order members and even the rare mystic sentient (such as vampires and werewolves) who have joined The Gardeners' cause. Because of this, the organization strictly forbids discussing external politics during rituals and gatherings, lest political divides disrupt their essential works.

Conspiracy Name: The A.R.E.S. Initiative
Local Leader: Field Officer: Randall Bannerman
Purpose: To defend the Magi of the Council from the Order and other threats.
Species Allowed: Magi
Ranks: Director (global) -> Regional Officer (local) -> Field Officer -> Intelligence Agent (Desk Work) or Field Agent (Wet Work) -> Agent
Initiation: Attend a training Academy and pass its entrance exam to become an Agent, then climb the ranks. ROTC-esque programs at the various Mystic Universities permit skipping over the “agent” rank and go right to Intelligence or Field Work
Summary: Since the Schism War's beginning, there has been an endless call for mystic defenses and security to ensure the safety of the Council and its loyal members across the world. Many Council members are willing to come to the defense of their comrades, but some were more dedicated to the cause than others and focused on building an elite force of defenders. This group has gone by many names and claimed many different organizations over the years, but in the mid-20th century it was felt that the Council's security force needed to be modernized.
That is where the Analysis and Reconnaissance of Enlightened Security Initiative (or the ARES Initiative) comes in. ARES exists for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the world and the mages who inhabit it. There are things that go bump in the night, whose very existence is a literal and immediate danger to humanity as a whole, above and beyond the threats of the Order. A.R.E.S. was created to deal with these threats, gathering intelligence and acting against these threats before they can threaten the Council. Espionage and surveillance are their stock and trade. A.R.E.S. uses spy-craft to build a better world.

Conspiracy Name: The Board of Trustees
Local Leader: Dr. Emil Hastings
Purpose: To attend to the political and social needs of Columbiana’s Magi while following High Council edicts.
Species Allowed: Magi
Ranks: Chairman -> Councillor (per Society) -> Functionary -> Page -> Intern
Initiation: Sponsership from a Councillor or Functionary is the only requirement.
Summary: The local representatives of the High Council, the Board of Trustees is dedicated to representing both the needs of its citizens and the demands of the global High Council. Typically, this is simple enough. Enforce the laws of the higher ups and placate the worries of the locals. Unfortunately, this can cause tremendous difficulty if those two purposes contradict, as often happens in Columbiana Valley. Though their primary purview is that of the Collegium Campus, they must often work with representatives of the Wyrdling Courts and the Townie City Hall, to reach an accord which is mutually beneficially to all involved…


Conspiracy Name: The Wyrdling Courts
Local Leader: TBD
Purpose: To attend to the political and social needs of Columbiana’s Wyrdlings
Species Allowed: Wyrdlings
Ranks: TBD
Initiation: TBD
Summary: TBD

Conspiracy Name: The Lawn-Art Irregulars
Local Leader: Bogie
Purpose: A self-proclaimed "Rogue Art Combine," they seek to raise awareness of the "inhuman condition" and push for "expansion of what it means to be human."
Species Allowed: Wyrdlings and Townies, Mages/Werewolves (rarely)
Ranks: N/A
Initiation: Must present a "piece" of art for "critique" along with the petition for membership, if approved they are considered a full member
Summary: Originally a product of the 90s grunge movement and its connected art community, the Irregulars were formed from a collection of artistically minded Wyrdlings that had grown tired of hiding their nature from mortals. While safety and sanity made overt revelation of the supernatural to humanity impossible, the Irregulars knew that careful exposures to "Wyrdness" would desensitize mortals and open their minds to such creatures. Thus, through their art they seek to "prepare" humanity for the exposure of supernaturals to the wider world. In the meantime, they build their own little communes and artistic communities where they can "live free" and drop their Glamour without fear from the "prepared" mortals that live there.


Conspiracy Name: The Supernatural Entities Liberation Front (S.E.L.F.)
Local Leader: The Troika – Hepzibeth “Beth” El Baz (Mage), {OPEN} (Townie), Margaret “Maggie” Monday
Purpose: A group of revolutionary thinkers amongst various Supernatural groups
Species Allowed: Any and all, plus Townies (especially townies)
Ranks: N/A
Initiation: Not much, basically just publically declare yourself a member and you’re good.
Summary: According to S.E.L.F., the problem isn't the Exalted. It isn't the Kindly Ones. It isn't even the “Townies.” It's the supernaturals themselves. They think themselves so much better than “mere mortals,” yet they hide themselves away. They tell themselves that the fight against the cold, superiority of the Exalted or the Wyld chaos of the Faerie Lords. Instead, SELF claims, everyone needs to realize that supernaturals have been nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. If “mortals” are truly capable of learning to coexist with supernaturals, as proven by the “Townies,” why not now? If they can learn magic like the philosophers say, why wait? We need to stop hiding in the shadows and take things to the streets!

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