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Noah Fenwick


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Nov 18 2015, 12:35 PM
They all said: He was such a nice man. No one had expected him to do it. So quiet. Kept to himself. What would have ever made him act such a way? Noah knew, and if anything he was surprised that it hadn't happened sooner. Sooner and more violent. Less forgiving. If anything he had expected a sloppy addiction fueled bloodbath. Of course, that was simply because he knew what type of man James was, and it was similar to the type of man he was. Except no one had ever said those sort of things about him.

The two of them, they went back a ways, when things were both more and less complicated. You knew were the 'bad guys' were, and you couldn't trust the good guys. Now of course, they were all just one in the same. James knew that. Noah learned it the hard way, and this was all why he had decided to pay the man a courtesy call of sorts. Maybe more of a wellness check, the city had turned itself upside down looking for the terrorist of Columbiana, and they didn't have the sense to look in the right place. with the right eyes. A man like this, he hid in plain sight. Noah knew to find him right where he no doubt left him time and time again, the the Laz-E-Boy recliner in a gin soaked stupor in the middle of the apartment the old man had lived in for years upon years...

A touch of prime, and a contorted shuffle through a heat shaft, had been little work for Noah, he smirked grimly as he found exactly what he had expected to find. James, passed out a bottle on the end table. right next to the cigarettes and the bible. Would have almost been poetic if it hadn't been so goddamn depressing. Noah sighed, grabbing a tumbler and pouring himself a drink between helping himself to a smoke, he really shouldn't...but honestly on a night like this? He very nearly had to, because this was going to be ugly, he took the sofa across and finally cleared his throat.

"Dering, Dering get up. We need to talk."
Aug 15 2015, 12:38 PM
Aug 15 2015, 12:38 PM
As far as anyone was concerned, Professor Noah Fenwick had been standing and staring at the menu for awhile- which wasn't too strange, as he was well known for his picky palette, what made it strange was that he had been standing there for about sixteen hours. Motionless, silent and staring off into the middle distance with a vacant expression on his face that said: The lights were on but nobody was home.

Stranger still? He was left there, not bothered by the staff of the nearby food nooks as if this was maybe something that happened every once in awhile, or maybe they simply didn't want to deal with it. So he stood there, still as a statue and pale as marble, and almost immensely fragile looking...

((this one is short but I promise next post will have more omph!)
Oct 31 2014, 05:40 PM
First thing in the morning, six-thirty am way before most of the students were thinking about being awake. Most of the staff wasn't even ready for their first class, but Noah was up and jingling keys for his seven-thirty am lab, which was fine...because though the hour was ungodly and he hated it with every fiber of his lazy being...well it just meant he didn't go to bed the night before.

Which he regretted nearly immediately-

Jump to about six-forty-five am, to the sound of screaming and laser fire, breaking glass and general disarray. "Dashe...I swear to GOD YOU ARE NOT PASSING THIS QUARTER!" A shrill falsetto filled the halls as fleshy exploding sounds were made. Noah ran by, skidding on his hands as he took a corner throwing a garbage can in his wake...followed by what looked like half a dozen creatures that looked like over sized soft bodied ticks all clicking and chirping.

He didn't need to know who had opened up portal to apparently the combine...because he could picture the student, and what level of hot hell he was going to lay down verbally, but that was all very secondary to to the fact he had to stop the out pouring of not...alien par se...but not natural creatures that were streaming into the lobby because someone thought it was a goddamn good idea to make a (faulty) mini-collider for their thesis project.

Of course, that meant getting anywhere near the lab. He checked his watch while squeezing off a few more shots to the fat hungry claw lumps leaping for his head...a lab that in fifteen minutes would start getting some students. Noah's brows lifted, as he pursed his lips at that momentary consideration. "Huh...this could get interesting."
Oct 13 2014, 10:11 PM
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Noah Fenwick

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