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Peter Linley


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Oct 15 2015, 04:27 PM
Peter did not like being ordered by those he considered his inferior, which admittedly were most people. Even those he respected were the sort to know better. Those he respected were his equals or his betters in some fashion, and for those sorts he would move mountains at a request, not an order. Unfortunately, Steven Inconnue was frequently both ignorant and foolish enough to make such demands. Those that Linley saw value in he did without comment beyond an expression of disdain for Inconnue. The rest such requests were quietly ignored. At least Inconnue had some value in his own ways, but Linley did not think leadership was not one of them.

Fortunately for the Grand Gardener, this most recent command was one in which Peter could see value. Elizabeth was a young mage of Peter's own House which had proven herself to him as a capable, if emotionallly soft, young mage. She had recently been recommended as a potential recruit for the Gardener order. Steven had asked Peter to give an opinion on whether she would be a potential asset to their cause. A longstanding problem of Linley's had recently resurfaced and the confluence of events seemed advantageous to the dour Magister.

As she was as yet unitiated, Linley did not wish to reveal his motivations or even his interest in this matter so he had chosen to be extra discreet. He had long been searching for an artifact connected to the One Who Sleeps Below. The creature's followers were always trying to gather objects bearing mystic connection to their master to aid in summoning the beast. They had been searching the Valley and the surrounding territories for a particularly powerful artifact to that same end for decades. Linley, as a younger man, had sworn to himself shortly after arriving in the Valley that he would find it first and place it in the Gardeners' protective care. While both the foolish cultists and the Gardeners had both proven unsuccessful since its last use in 1893, Linley knew he would one day find it and he had decided now was as good a time as any.

Peter planned to use the search for this artifact to test Elizabeth's capabilities, but part of that task was proving that she could succeed where dedicated mystics and devout cultists had failed, and even Peter for the last decade, had failed and without knowing that he wished her to try. He did not ask for her assistance, but he instead carefully planted the information he had in her path, all spaced over a month to minimize chances of her thinking it was a test. A passing reference to the Scare of 1893 was slipped into her class notes. Seemingly random patrons at coffee shops and bars having discussions about strange rituals in the valley in the late 19th century and the supposedly haunted barn outside of the Valley that burned down at the time. Peter even risked exacerbating his Scourge effect to place, via chance and mystic circumstance, a perfectly timed book falling from a bookshelf and opening to a page on the theory of Sleeper subconscious responses to powerful mystic events. All was done to get her focusing on the scent and interested in pursuing connections. Then it was merely a matter of time and patience.

Now, Linley sat upon the prayer mat that was the only adornment of his austure office and awaited her arrival. He sat in the lotus position, meditating on the implications of his still slightly mummified state while he waited for the arrival Fate told him would come soon. He had noticed a restlessness in her recently, something which he hoped was a good sign but did not wish to risk extending his Scourging further to confirm. If she were coming for other purposes, then he could always steer conversation into other avenues and assess her progress that way. If she did wish to discuss this matter, perhaps she had finally made a breakthrough and the pair would soon have a destination for the next stage of his evaluation....
Aug 16 2015, 12:20 PM
Peter was nothing. Nothing was Peter. It was rarely simple, even for him, but nothing cleansed the soul quite like opening himself to the stillness of the universe and purging himself of the ego. Life was difficult, messy, and painful. Such was the nature of life. Life is but a distraction for the ultimate truth of reality and despite Peter's detachment in the waking world even he needed time to collect himself and reconnect with his purpose. He often meditated upon the stillness of the worlds beyond and it helped to center him, but it was unfortunately rare for him to be able to do such as completely as he wished. That was why he liked the summer nights. They were cool, but not cold. They were quiet, but not silent. They were dark, but not lightless. Campus late at night during the summer session was perfect for him. Thus he had slipped into a deep trance shortly after sundown and became nothing, to reassure himself of his place. Of course, none of that mattered to him now, in his state of nothingness.

If he were aware of his surroundings however, he would have noticed that something was very wrong. The walls of his office were warping and changing. Where moments before had been plaster and wood, there was now mortared stone not unlike what one would see in an ancient castle. The prayer rug Peter sat upon became a lavish medieval carpet and tapestries unfurled upon the walls. Even the dimensions of the room began to change, growing and changing to a much larger meeting hall with his desk changing into an ornate table surrounded by chairs. A faint breeze wafted through the small window behind Peter and disturbed the nearby tapestries. Everything still seemed calm and serene for the moment...

Elsewhere in the building, the strange castle-like appearance spread slowly and inexorably through the entire structure as it radiated out from Peter's location in his office. Within an hour, as the hour reached midnight, the transformation was complete and the administration building was no more. It had been completely replaced with a castle of unknown origin. Worse, any who were still within when the transformed castle reached them would find that far more than simple appearances had changed. The air wafting through the windows felt different, it was warmer and brought with it the smell of the sea. Any who dared to look outside would find a courtyard below and beyond the courtyard walls a dry rocky land that stretched for miles to the north or a long coastline alongside moonlight water.

All was peaceful for a long moment in this bizarre castle and it surrounding landscape, as peaceful as Peter's meditating mind. Suddenly the peace was interrupted with a tremendous crash and the moonlit night outside was suddenly as bright as day. As the light faded, it revealed a small army scattering out of holes in the air itself and arranging itself to lay siege to the castle. In the halls on the castle's (and until a short while before, the administration building's) ground floor the front door flew open and a young man charged inside and shut the door behind him while shouting to all who could hear, "We are under attack!"
Aug 8 2014, 10:34 PM

Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Peter Linley

Alias: Professor Linley, Mr. Linley

Age: 41

Character Type: Faculty

Profession: House Magister, Chemistry Instructor

House: Thanatos

Secret Societies: The Gardeners

PB: Alan Rickman

Appearance: No notable differences.



Personality: Dry, cold, and cruel. Peter has no time or patience for anyone. Without fail, everyone is inferior and pointlessly stupid. When pressed, Peter explains his universal disdain for others, even his students, as being rooted firmly in the concept of willful ignorance. He fundamentally believes that everyone on this planet is capable of Awakening and reaching a higher state of being not unlike that of a god on Earth. Unfortunately, everyone almost to a man is so mired in fashion, pop culture, and rampant stupidity that they waste their potential at every turn, Enlightened or not.

There is no softer side to Peter, though there is a more altruistic side that almost none ever see. A deeply religious, if unconventional man, Peter takes House Thanatos's mission of "pruning the Tree of Life" very seriously. While most human beings seem to him as wastes of skin and space, there are those who are actively detrimental to the species as a whole. These cancerous beings must be eradicated, else none may ever have the chance to rise above the filth that is their lives.

Public History: Peter isn't one for sharing his past. What little bit is known of his early life is as likely rumour as it is fact. He was born sometime in 1970s and his parents might have owned a discotheque somewhere in England. He's English, that much is certain, based on his accent alone. He also seemingly Awakened young and on his own, without the aid of a mentor; possibly during an accident that killed his parents and almost killed him.

He then attended school at Doissetep in Spain, first as a preparatory student and eventually graduating with top honors from their graduate school. He worked at Doissetep for a number of years as a Professor of Alchemy and Chemistry. He stood valiantly with his comrades at the school when it fell under siege by the Exarchs in 1999, but was ultimately unsuccessful in saving his alma mater or many of his compatriots. Peter disappeared with no trace near the end of the battle and was counted amongst the dead before his reappearance slightly more than a year later when he arrived in Columbiana.

Having met Mansfield years before he spoke with the man at length after his arrival. Later that week he accepted the position of Chemistry teacher and the long empty position as Magister of House Thanatos at Columbiana without further comment. To this day he refuses to speak of what he did during the Battle of Doissetep or where he was in the time he was gone. Now, a decade later, there is still very little about the man that anyone at the school knows with any certainty.
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