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 Peter Linley, Faculty | Thanatos
Peter Linley
 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 10:34 PM
Thanatos Magister
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Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Peter Linley

Alias: Professor Linley, Mr. Linley

Age: 41

Character Type: Faculty

Profession: House Magister, Chemistry Instructor

House: Thanatos

Secret Societies: The Gardeners

PB: Alan Rickman

Appearance: No notable differences.



Personality: Dry, cold, and cruel. Peter has no time or patience for anyone. Without fail, everyone is inferior and pointlessly stupid. When pressed, Peter explains his universal disdain for others, even his students, as being rooted firmly in the concept of willful ignorance. He fundamentally believes that everyone on this planet is capable of Awakening and reaching a higher state of being not unlike that of a god on Earth. Unfortunately, everyone almost to a man is so mired in fashion, pop culture, and rampant stupidity that they waste their potential at every turn, Enlightened or not.

There is no softer side to Peter, though there is a more altruistic side that almost none ever see. A deeply religious, if unconventional man, Peter takes House Thanatos's mission of "pruning the Tree of Life" very seriously. While most human beings seem to him as wastes of skin and space, there are those who are actively detrimental to the species as a whole. These cancerous beings must be eradicated, else none may ever have the chance to rise above the filth that is their lives.

Public History: Peter isn't one for sharing his past. What little bit is known of his early life is as likely rumour as it is fact. He was born sometime in 1970s and his parents might have owned a discotheque somewhere in England. He's English, that much is certain, based on his accent alone. He also seemingly Awakened young and on his own, without the aid of a mentor; possibly during an accident that killed his parents and almost killed him.

He then attended school at Doissetep in Spain, first as a preparatory student and eventually graduating with top honors from their graduate school. He worked at Doissetep for a number of years as a Professor of Alchemy and Chemistry. He stood valiantly with his comrades at the school when it fell under siege by the Exarchs in 1999, but was ultimately unsuccessful in saving his alma mater or many of his compatriots. Peter disappeared with no trace near the end of the battle and was counted amongst the dead before his reappearance slightly more than a year later when he arrived in Columbiana.

Having met Mansfield years before he spoke with the man at length after his arrival. Later that week he accepted the position of Chemistry teacher and the long empty position as Magister of House Thanatos at Columbiana without further comment. To this day he refuses to speak of what he did during the Battle of Doissetep or where he was in the time he was gone. Now, a decade later, there is still very little about the man that anyone at the school knows with any certainty.
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