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Dexter Gathers


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Jan 18 2016, 03:06 AM
After running into a strange Scandinavian man named Walter on campus one night, and subsequently drilling him with riddles and math questions, Dexter had become absolutely and utterly convinced that the man was actually a machine. His own personal observations were enough to convince himself, but he was lacking any sort of solid proof that might convince others. The townsfolk had to know the truth. He had to find solid proof that people in Columbiana were slowly being replaced by robotic replicas of themselves. Unfortunately he couldn’t do it on his own. He could only be in so many places at once.

It was time to take drastic measures. Dexter had done some investigating and found the contact information of a private investigator by the name of Veronica Bell. Could she be trusted? Well that was yet to be seen, but if she could help him find the proof he needed then it might be worth it.

And so he sent Veronica an email:

Ms. Bell,

The people in this town are in grave danger. I require your assistance in finding the proof I need to convince everyone of this danger. Meet me behind the pharmacy at 10:00pm January 18th so we can discuss the terms of your employment. Come alone. Remove the battery from your cell phone so they can’t track your movements.


True to his email, Dexter was out behind the pharmacy at the specified time and date, standing with his back against the wall, wearing a deerstalker, and holding a lit cigarette on a holder.
Dec 9 2015, 05:13 PM
“Subject appears to be a small avian creature of family Strigidae, possibly Northern Saw-Whet or Short-Eared. This is the second night in a row I have observed it perched on the pin oak near the Valorian Building. I believe it to be planning something, though what I can’t be certain.” There was a click as Dexter pressed the stop button on his handheld tape recorder.

There was a soft rustling of shrubbery as he lifted a heavy pair of night vision binoculars to his eyes. His observation of the animal continued in the way beyond half an hour, occasionally punctuated by a quick notation and click of his recorder. The last traces of sunlight had faded leaving in its wake a dark and endless sky.

His observations would have continued well into the morning had he not been interrupted. Dexter tuned in to the sound of footsteps on pavement, someone walking along one of the many paths that cut across the green. He trained his binoculars on the source of the sound. It was a middle aged man, not unlike himself, who appeared to be unaware of the avian menace lurking in the tree above. Dexter panned back to the owl who swivelled its unnaturally creepy head in the direction of the approaching man and ruffled its feathers.

“Take cover!” Dexter dropped his belongings and burst from the shrubbery, running full tilt at the man. His homemade ghillie suit flapped in the breeze, shedding bits of twig and vegetation as he tried to tackle the man away from the supposedly dangerous owl.
Nov 9 2015, 07:21 PM

Player Name: Rally

Character Name: Dexter Gathers

Alias: Dex

Age: ???

Character Type: Mage

Class Level: Alumni

Profession: Pharmacist

House: Solificati

Secret Societies: The Watchtowers

PB: Bill Murray

Appearance:No differences


Matter: 4
Prime: 3

- Discern Composition The mage can determine what sort of materials went into the composition, the density, the weight, and other characteristics of any given object.
- Find the Hidden Hoard: With a wave of a hand and carefully chosen words, the mage can reveal hidden doors, safes, vaults, and other obfuscated compartments within any form of inanimate matter.
- Unseen Aegis: Through manipulating the very air around himself, the mage wraps himself in an invisible "cushion" to blunt the inertia of incoming attacks. This shield dulls the effects of any direct attack; punches don't hit as hard, bullets are notably slowed, and flames are weakened through air moisture. Attacks can not be prevented entirely, but even lethal attacks are less likely to leave mortal wounds.
- Jury-Rig: Sometimes, the mage just needs something to function or to suit a specific purpose. Jury-Rig allows him to do just that. By combining materials and devices, the mage can either return a damaged object to functionality or even add new properties to an already functioning machine. For example: a stereo can be combined with an mp3 player to restore function or a nail gun and a shotgun can be combined to make a shotgun that shoots a barrage of nails.
- Transmogrification: This spell allows the mage to turn any single liquid or solid substance into any other liquid or solid substance. This allows any object to be turned into any other, excluding gaseous materials. Thus lead can become gold, water can be turned to stone, or plastic rendered into gasoline.
- Transmute Air: This spell allows the mage to turn any single gaseous substance into any other gaseous substance. Thus oxygen can be turned into laughing gas, nerve gas into oxygen, and countless other combination become possible
- Alter Properties: The mage can now alter the very characteristics of liquids and solids. Density, size/quantity, weight, and more can now be altered while retaining any properties preferred. Featherlight steel, hyper-dense water, and other miraculous substances become possible with this spell.
- Sense the Supernatural: The mage can read the aura of another individual, but unlike the Mind power of similar purpose the aura perceived tells the mage nothing about emotions or mental states. Instead, the mage sees evidence in the aura of what sort of supernatural creature or supernatural influence has affected the subject.
- Magic Shield: By weaving magic into a grid around herself, the mage can create a shield to protect her from direct magic attacks. A bolt of lightning would have its effect halved by the shield, but the shield would do nothing to defend the caster against falling after the floor underneath them has been magically collapsed.

Upon first meeting Dexter most people will note that he seems a little strange, chatty, but not terrible. An astute person might pick up on the fact that he will happily talk with a stranger, but will quickly turn the conversation around if it becomes too focused on himself. They might notice how he only ever drinks from his own water bottle and/or hip flask, how he keeps meticulous notes about everything in some cryptic shorthand, or how he always seems prepared for emergencies small or large.

If one spends any length of time around Dexter, his true lunacy will show itself in a blaze of glory. After verifying that a stranger is not one of Them (usually by means of a farcical cross-examination compared to his notes), he will happily share his “research”. Everything from the imminent revelation of the Lizard People (Look at Steven Inconnue’s wife!), to the infiltration of the Columbiana School Board by cyborgs (Some of them didn’t pass the Turing test!), to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by magi (Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, but magic can!). His belief of conspiracies shows no bounds and is perhaps only overshadowed by his rampant and heavy drug use.

No one knows much about Dexter’s history, other than Dexter himself. Despite his loquaciousness, he is surprisingly tight lipped about his own past. Some of his stories contradict each other (out of necessity, he claims), and no one knows his birth date or even his birth year. There are a few common threads that do seem to hold up under closer examination: Dexter has two sisters (whom he is no longer in contact with), and he was born in Saskatchewan, and he has seen some shit.

Though there are no verifiable sources, Dexter did have a fairly typical childhood. It wasn’t until late adolescence, after heavy drug use, that he Awakened. It was a rocky start and snowballed into near crippling paranoia that stalled his progression through school. It led to him transferring to Columbiana, and after a few extra years (and more than a meager helping of barbiturates), he did eventually graduate.

He quickly discovered the like-minded Watchtowers and realized he had found his people. Though he remained naturally suspicious of some members, he became utterly devoted to their cause and has actively dedicated his life to keeping detailed notes on all dangerous magi and and all manner of magical machinations (encrypted of course, he won’t let just anyone read his notes).
Oct 31 2014, 05:15 PM
It was the night of the monthly meeting of the Watchtowers, but the term 'meeting' may have been too strong a word. While it was a meeting in the technical sense, meaning that it was a gathering of like minded individuals it was perhaps closer to a social night than anything more formal. The Watchtowers were barely more than a gathering of individuals who shared a singular worry than a formal organization.

Tonight however, was the night reserved for said informal grouping to gather in the back of the Army Surplus store under flickering lights and around a stained old table. Sometimes they pretended to have a formal agenda and attempted to follow it. Other times it became an informal discussion of their doomsday prepping. Still others, it quickly devolved into a glorified poker night. On this particular night? Well, it was hard to say where it would end up, but it was apparently getting started with another of Dexter's rambling stories.

"...and there I was, facing down a monster of a man. A seven foot tall blond murder machine with only one goal: to go all sick house on every man, woman, and child in that damned place. He didn't care if they were innocent! He was a 'let god sort it out kinda man...' You could see it in his eyes." He took a small drag of his cigarette in its holder and breathed it out of his mouth and nose like an angry dragon as he continued. "He was naked and covered in the blood of his victims. His chest heaved up and down and up and down, just staring me in the eye like a man possessed. I was worried that he was going to charge me next and I'd have to fall back on my training with the government."

Dexter paused, giving a small aside to those listening despite the fact that many had likely heard this all before. "And I don't mean the government in Washington, those puppets tangled up in strings. No, this was when I was working for the REAL government and fighting in the Shadow War..." He eyed the others, looking to see if they were still listening to his ramblings before bothering to continue.
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