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Age: 22
Alias: darkkenchild
Great House: Meritina
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Andrei Sierzante

Undergraduate Student

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Sep 25 2014, 11:27 PM
Somewhere in the village, lost amongst twisting and turning streets in the mists of night so late that it was early, a beat up but well loved black 1987 Pontiac Firebird tore wildly down the road. Rounding the corner so quickly and wildly that it nearly lost contact with the asphalt, the car screeched and roared in protest at the harsh treatment. After a moment of swerving, the driver once more managed to get the vehicle under control and quickly accelerated into the night.

Within the vehicle, a half crazed Andrei was wildly glancing between the road in front of him and the figure in the seat next to him. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, like he had been crying, but he still looked a thousand times better than she did. The woman in the passenger seat looked bruised, bloody, and broken; not to mention the fact that she was entirely dead. Thoroughly dead. As in, not the least bit living. “Fucking Hell... Mia... Fucking Hell...”

Frantically, nearly losing control of the car again, Andrei pulled out his cell phone and punched a few buttons. Holding the phone up to his ear, Andrei muttered to himself. “Come on.... Come on... Pick up motherfucker, pick up! Fuck you Six, answer!” He growled at the ringing phone, desperately hoping that he would pick up despite the extremely late hour. As soon as he heard the phone pick up, not waiting to hear a voice on the other end, he started shouting. “Six, listen. I'm in big fucking trouble. I'm coming to your place. This chick... She's in bad way man. Big fucking trouble...”
Aug 19 2014, 09:21 PM

Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Andrei Sierzante

Alias: Pacer, Kid, Andy

Age: 22

Character Type: Undergraduate

Profession: Fence

House: Meritina

PB: Johnny Knoxville

Appearance: Somehow, Andrei has proven to care even less about hygiene. Shaving maybe once a month and preceded by a notable whiff of B.O.


Forces: 2
Life: 2
Spirit: 2


Forces: Kinetic Blow, Nightsight
Life: Bark Skin, Self-Healing, Cleanse the Body
Spirit: Spirit Summons

Personality: “Hey baby, life is struggle and life is pain, but it don’t always gotta be boring.” Andrei is all about enjoying himself; after all, you only live once. He loves hard drugs, loose women and good music. This youthful rebellion is just as frustrated and undirected as any young man; his age largely inconsequential, immaturity rules the roost in his head. Not to mention, Andrei is stubborn and headstrong. He knows what’s best for him and anyone else be damned.

That said, though, he cares about the people of the valley, though you probably wouldn't know it. The city is his home, and he realizes that the school's role as guardian is an important one. He wanders the streets of town, knowing that he's part of an ancient tradition going back millennia, and that he's now part of the very people who keep everyone safe. This gives him a bit of a cocky streak, leading him to think that he's already a graduate and that its his duty to 'keep the peace' in town. The fact that this supposed 'mission' is both self-inspired and defined by his own impetuous mission sometimes drives others to criticisze his methods. In his mind, well they’re just idiots and will get what they deserve...
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