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Alva Kincaid


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Mar 23 2015, 05:28 PM
It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Columbiana, not that many of the students were around to enjoy it. It was Spring Break and the students had flocked away from the school like it were on fire. The Student Center was quiet and peaceful, an oasis of relative normality in the valley of late. After the disturbing oddities of the fall semester, spring had been fairly quiet on campus. Sure there were rumours of weirdness down in the village, but nothing up here. No, the chaos at Columbiana University had been the much more mundane worries of midterms and intramurals. Now though, even those concerns had been put on hold for the escape that the break had offered. Other than a handful of unfortunate, distracted, or otherwise occupied stragglers the Student Center was as empty and calm as the rest of campus.

Or at least it should have been...

Alva threw his head down and his arms up as he went flying through the large plate glass windows on the roof of the Student Center, trying as best he could to protect his face from broken glass. It worked well enough, and he ignored the superficial cuts on his arms as he did a backflip to right himself for the two story drop through the atrium to land in the dining area below. Taking a deep breath and exhaling it at just the right time, he flexed the muscles in his legs and leapt forward at the exact moment of impact allowing himself to tuck into a roll. His momentum thus diverted he tumbled forward and through some stray chairs and tables. For a few seconds, peace and quiet returned only to be broken by a muttered curse. "Dammit..."

Alva stood slowly, obviously in pain but without any obvious signs of the broken bones he should have had after such a fall. "...I'm getting too old for this." He twisted his arms around a bit, stretching them, before rolling his neck to produce a series of cracks. His face flashed with worry for a moment and he began to pat his suit jacket frantically for a second before leaving a still bleeding hand to rest right above his heart. "Whew!" He grinned, looking around and smiling at the handful of stray students he saw, flashing his perfect teeth and nodding slightly. "Good day, citizens." He motioned like he was tipping his hat at them before starting to walk briskly towards one of the exits, wincing at the sound of breaking glass and a shout from behind him.

"Freeze, asshole!"
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