Welcome to No Books of Men! We are a modern alternate history board set in a magical school nestled in the Columbiana Valley of the Rocky Mountains. Students of the Collegium Illustrata Columbiana (commonly called simply The Academy) are free to explore their wildest imaginations in learning the mystic arts, so long as it does not jeopardize the ongoing Shadow War with the Exarchs. How will you live up to the legacies of Merlin?

darkkenchild is the Head Admin here at No Books. He enjoys long walks on the beach and debating the metaphysical underpinnings of reality, so any questions about your character , the plot of No Books, and/or how magic works on the site, please do not hesitate to ask him.

Squeeji is the head of “Human Resources” here at No Books, and responsible for pretty much everything related to our contact with the outside world. Advertising, orientation, and just about anything to do with bringing in new blood is in her wheelhouse.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Jeff Angehrn Faculty 14-February 15 10
Jennifer Bridges Faculty 8-August 14 11
Jenny Diver Sleeper 2-March 15 6
Jim Casy Sleeper 14-September 14 1
Joe Hirsch Sleeper 3-January 16 7
Jonas Fenwick Alumni 29-August 15 8
Julio Alvares Graduate Student 6-December 14 6
June Sparks Sleeper 11-August 14 62
Justin Dunst Sleeper 13-January 16 1
Kate Rook Wyrdling 4-November 14 89
Keith Feely Sleeper 26-September 14 1
Kimiko Takahashi Faculty 8-August 14 23
Lawrence Cassady Sleeper 11-August 14 15
Luc Montevilliette Inactive 23-September 15 13
Ludo Moderator 20-July 14 46
Mad Bill Inactive 29-November 15 43
MageNPC Faculty 20-July 15 23
Maggie Monday Wyrdling 24-August 14 6
Marcus Nichrest Inactive 30-August 15 7
Maria Santiago Faculty 8-August 14 10
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