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 Will Wells, Sleeper | Mortal
Will Wells
 Posted: Jan 21 2016, 05:17 AM
Animal Control
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Player Name: Squeeji

Character Name: Alexander Willem Kilmartin

Alias: Will Wells

Age: 28

Character Type: Sleeper

Profession: Animal Control Officer

Faction: Arcanum

Secret Societies: The Free Council

PB: Boyd Hollbrook

Appearance: Poorly set broken nose, some missing teeth, a ring finger missing a knuckle...and an bunch of scars from a rough early life. Otherwise- nothing too noteworthy.

  • Eye of Hubris: This quartz crystal is the size of a tennis ball and the shape of a human eyeball. Strange colors swirl within its depths, suggesting the iris and pupil of some strange, ancient being. The Eye has no active effect that anyone has discovered, but its mere presence seems to infuriate witches as it causes their spells to go awry more frequently.
  • Witch-Candle: The name of this relic is something of a misnomer; it isn't an actual candle, but rather a battered old pewter candlestick whose metal is covered with various gargoyle reliefs. By itself, the Witch-Candle has no inherent mystical properties (it an be used as an improvised weapon, but that's about it). Placing a candle on the stick and anointing it with blood before lighting it primes the bizarre magick within it, but apart from the flickering shadows making the carvings appear to move in a disturbingly life-like manner, there's no immediate effect, until sorcery is performed in the vicinity of the relic.

    The Witch-Candle feeds on magic, especially of the variety performed by witches. When a sorcerer casts a spell anywhere within the radius illuminated by the candle (generally within the same room), the gargoyle figures come to hideous life and slither off, leaving behind a plain, unadorned candlestick. The candle-gargoyles are drawn to the caster of the spell that animated them, and attack unceasingly until they or the mage are destroyed.
Will is a mellow bloke, but not without some learning- he's matured a lot in the last few years. Once easily frustrated there is really nothing he hated more than things outside of his control. Well...he still doesn't, but he's managed to maintain the quick, nasty temper that gave him a very deserved reputation for being particularly cruel. In fact he used to resort to violence on a hair trigger, something hard to believe given how sharply it contrasts the flippant demeanor he sports now. He didn't balk at the idea of killing someone in coldblood. It had been just business as usual in his line of work, back when he called himself a hunter. Though he'd be lying if he said he missed killing monsters- he sort of enjoyed that particular occupational hazard that turned into an occupational perk...that was, you know, fucking up those who deserved it.

Of course, that was nearly half a decade ago, and Will has mellowed considerably, incredibly easy-going, taking everything in stride. Surprisingly nothing riles him up,. He just sports a big simple grin and lets things pan out as they will. There's no use sweating the simple stuff, and by this point- it's all simple stuff. But Will has had issues with his rage before, and you almost have to wonder what it would take to push him back over the edge back into the bastard he had been before. So far, its seems to be his particular state of calm is more than a facade because no amount of hunters trying to pull the once hunter out of hiding has gotten themselves killed yet.

If anything, he's a kind, generous man though a bit too outgoing and gregarious- quick to make light of a situation and firm slap on the back. Though some would say he's a bit of an ignorant man-child, Will just has his priorities in order...he's going to enjoy what's left of his life after having suffered through the first half, but he doesn't really fault anyone for hating him for it. In fact, he's incredibly understanding about the plight of hunters (as well as supernaturals that aren't magi) and does whatever he can do to lessen the burden of their load, that is, everything he can do without having to throw a punch...it's just much easier to open a billfold. However, if you can respect that, he'll be your friend for life, if you don't...well you know where the door is.

Really he's a bit of a jackass, but he isn't all bad, there's a charming, overly-English tramp-like appeal to him. A lot of it is that he's a giant dork who is trying hard to seem cool but is generally a good guy, but you have to wonder if there might be something that might be bothering him. He's the sort that laughs first and always laughs loudest... the one with the good stories and the sage advice. The type of man you'd want to go hang out with if you slipped off to the pub. But he is the sort of guy that you'll have to carry on back when the night is done.

There is one thing in particular that seems to make Will unusual. He certainly has more courage than sense. Stubborn to the end. Threats don't seem to bother him, and he doesn't budge when people try to guilt or coerce him out of retirement. It just won't happen unless the apocalypse is on. Things that should by all rights frighten him just doesn't anymore, or perhaps, never had. Mortal danger, supernatural terrors, they don't seem to make him bat an eye. He used to be one of the best. Maybe he's just iron willed, or he has a muted flight instinct, but the fact of the matter is, he's a product of a poor upbringing.
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 Posted: Jan 21 2016, 10:27 AM
Man with a Plan
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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