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 Edmund King, Changeling | Ogre
Edmund King
 Posted: Aug 29 2015, 07:53 PM
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Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Edmund King

Alias: Mund, Ed (rarely), Marley, Stoner (frequently, thinks its a nickname)

Age: 21

Character Type: Changeling

Profession: Student, "Pharmacist"

Seeming: Ogre

Court: Spring

PB: Issa Thompson

Appearance:Mask - Functionally identical to PB

Mien - A tall, almost 6'6", lanky humanoid figure with pale blue skin. His face is stretched and contorted to have an almost avian quality which is only enhanced by a large aquiline nose. Large tusks jut out and curve down over a foot from his mouth, ending in sharp points. Though his hair is still kept styled into dreadlocks, the color is a bright shade of crimson instead of his typical black. Beneath his mask it becomes clear that he prefers to be mostly naked and rarely wears anything more than a leather loincloth.


- Elements (Earth): 2
- Elements (Water): 2
- Force: 1
- Spring: 3

Personality: Edmund is, for lack of a better term, baked. A lifetime of drug use has slowed his reaction times, dulled his senses, and "mellowed him out" to severe degrees. This leads to a somewhat dopey and laid back demeanor the majority of the time and a "zoned-out" fugue-like state the rest of the time. The one major exception is when he is physically active. When running, swimming, climbing, or even simply acting the fool with friends he is often alarmingly sharp and quick witted.

Indeed, Mund has a strong intellect and is a quick thinker. When he isn't intoxicated, or when the chips are down and he forces himself to focus, his mental acuity is as powerful as a bolt of lightning. He is inventive and creative, and is always finding new and unique uses for objects of all sorts. Also, he is surprisingly spiritual, though he shows this in his own unique way; his faith most closely resembles a strange form of shamanism that only he seems to fully understand.

Mund is not a man to dwell overmuch on his past and indeed remembers little in detail, though even he is not certain if this is because of his time in Arcadia or the result of years of drug use. What he can remember of his early years are spotty at best, but if he focuses he can remember bits and pieces. His early home life was simple and happy, he knows that for sure. His education was simple and practical, but his ability to learn quickly and adapt easily attracted the attention of college recruiters early on. He even earned a scholarship from "some American Academy" before he was even sixteen.

Upon arriving at Columbiana in the mid-1980s, Mund soon realized that this was no normal school. He quickly learned that his skills at inventing and weather manipulation were not simple cleverness and luck, but early signs of his magical talents. They encouraged these talents and it was through his studies he learned of mystically charged and mind expanding substances, something he showed tremendous interest in. He even took up 'independent studies' in exploring the effects of these substances. It was one evening, under the influence of said intoxicants, that Mund wandered into the deeper parts of the Enchanted Forest and was never heard from again...

...at least until last year when he wandered back into town with little memory of what had happened while he was gone. The only things he remembers of his time away is flashes of a fleeing a bizarre man with a skull for a face and swimming away from jungle islands towards a scorching red colored desert. The only things he knows for sure is that his magic doesn't work quite the same as it used to and he doesn't appear to be wholly human anymore. Having since met a few Changelings, he has learned enough of his new status to survive, keep his nature "on the DL" and join the Spring Court. Beyond that however, he just wants to return to class and graduate before the 80s turn into the 90s...
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 Posted: Sep 24 2015, 10:14 PM
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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