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Agnes Fenwick


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Nov 17 2015, 03:24 AM
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"Hi, this is Agnes, leave me a message and I'll get back to you! Or... or text me, I'll probably see it sooner."

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Agnes Fenwick

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Nov 10 2015, 01:49 AM

Player Name: Ludo

Character Name: Agnes Delilah Fenwick

Alias: --

Age: 24

Character Type: Mage

Class Level: Alumni

Profession: Apprentice

House: Criamon

Secret Societies: Society of Ether

PB: Katy Perry

Appearance: Looks similar to her PB.


Forces: 2
Matter: 2
Mind: 3
Prime: 1


  • Magnetokinesis: This rote allows the mage to manipulate objects by controlling their ferrous metal components.
  • Earshot: This rote allows the mage to focus all the sound in a given area to channel towards himself. Thus, a hushed conversation in a graveyard across the street
    could be easily listened in upon. However, anyone else listening in on the conversation might not be able to hear a thing.
  • Nightsight: Through attuning perceptions to pick up even the faintest amount of light, the mage is now capable of activating the ability to see perfect in any situation with even the tiniest amount of light. This doesn't allow sight in total darkness, but anything less than total darkness is no different than noontime on a sunny day.
  • Air Shield: This rote increases the density of the air in a specific area. The result is a wall of air, that is difficult to pass through. The particles in the wall constantly change, as the wall does nothing to obstruct the flow of air. This rote is useful for defences against physical attacks. It can be altered for uses against airborne attacks (gases, viral disease, etc).
  • Astral Invitation: The mage marks one or more companions and creates a one-way bridge between their minds and his, allowing them to enter his dream space. A mage's dream space is full of personal information and potential secrets -- insecurities and aspirations are all evident, if not always clearly presented. Even a mage's real name can be found there, making this spell one casts only on sure friends.
  • Telepathy: The Mage can speak mind to mind with other people.
  • Unnatural Polyglot: The mage can use this effect to understand the languages others are speaking.
  • Strong Suggestion: The mage commands somebody with his resounding, commanding voice. The victim feel a strong impulse to obey the order of the mage. The order has to be short and possible to act on directly, since the victim would otherwise start to think for himself. The rote cannot overcome what the person wouldn"t do himself.
  • Psychic Assault: Some spells damage opponents through magical manipulations of objects or the body, but this spell makes the concept of "Mind Over Matter" literally. Through a direct psychic blast, the caster forces the targets body to spasm and neurons to misfire, causing extremely painful and debilitating damage to the target's physical form. This attack is incapable of killing, but sometimes the subject wishes it were...
Personality: Call her weird. Call her quirky.

Just don't call her “crazy.”

Or do. Everyone else does. And not without merit; after a particularly nasty Scourge backlash, Agnes has earned the stigma her surname tends to carry alongside it. But it's not all manic episodes and voices in her head. In fact, aside from the occasional episode, Agnes is as boringly mundane as can be.

“Nice” is the name of the game with Miss Fenwick. This is a woman who will go out of her way not to offend, and if there's a compliment to be given, she'll be the first to hand one out. Enthusiasm, they name is Agnes. She'll get as psyched about finding a penny on the ground as she would if someone were to hand her the keys to a brand new car; life is just so darn exciting! Or so she's forced herself to believe after her stint in the crazy Mage nuthouse. It's easy to get pumped up for almost anything once you know the misery of not being u your own right mind.

But with this seemingly boundless ability to remain positive and polite, Agnes has earned the reputation for being a bit of a human doormat. Bending over backwards to make someone happy makes it hard to say no, and as such, Agnes has found herself agreeing to things she really doesn't want to do all on the name of pleasing others. It all stems from a need for acceptance, the idea that if she's useful, if she's a team player, that her oddities can be forgiven.

On that front, Agnes possesses some eccenticisms that are equally easily overlooked or woefully noticeable. The backlash caused by using mind magic from an early age has left Agnes’ abilities with a tendency to go off without her permission, pulling in other people's thoughts at seemingly random moments. Which means she harbors a bevy of secrets that aren't her own, a burden she feels horribly guilty over. It's also left her with a bit of a complex; knowing exactly what someone thinks about you is a double edged sword. Throw in an ever-nagging, aggressive voice that she can't seem to shake from the furthest recesses of her mind that Agnes can't help but snap back at on occasion, and ‘muttering to yourself’ gets added to the list.

All this second-guessing of herself has left Agnes hesitant to use her powers with any regularity. She's slowly dipping her toes back into the magical deep end, taking up an apprenticeship in order to have a watchful eye about as she eases her way back into things. But seeing as how her mentor is one of the valley's most notorious crackpots, time's going to tell on how well that endeavor will go.
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