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Posted by: Veronica Bell Jan 13 2016, 06:25 AM
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Veronica Bell

She is 27 years old, Sleeper and a Private Investigator.
Her job puts her in boring/embarrassing/dangerous depends what the job is all about, but sometimes even just a cheating check can turn out bad.
However, I'd like her to end up in some trouble because of her job, maybe she finds out too much, or just enough, to end up in someone's bad side.
Or, someone could hire her but with the intention to put her in danger.
But normal threads are okay too, like going to the cinema or a concert, just normal scenarios.
Stuff like that, of course I'm open to everything, those are just basic ideas!

Posted by: Rally Jan 15 2016, 03:25 AM
Alex and Veronica: Alex is a little shit who likes to pickpocket and swiping electronics when their owners aren’t looking. If Verionica is a PI she’s likely to have a lot of really nice camera equipment which might catch his eye. He doesn’t have to be successful of course, but if you feel like making Veronica have a bad day...Alex is your guy.

Dexter and Veronica: The valley’s resident conspiracy theorist. He does his fair share of investigating/stalking. I could see him trying to get her to help investigate one of his crazy conspiracies.

A.C. and Veronica: A.C. is a tomboy and she loves LOVE paintball (I think she’s got some magically enhanced paintball guns laying around somewhere. I think they’d probably get along well. As for how to put them in a thread together, A.C. is in a January event thread The basic idea is that she’s going to try to teach everyone who shows up some basic winter wilderness survival skills, but who knows what kind of weird trouble they’ll run into in the woods...

Posted by: darkkenchild Jan 15 2016, 04:47 PM
Crystal and Veronica: Chrys is strange and she has a bit of a reputation as such in the Valley. Sure, everyone in the Valley is a little bit strange in some way or another, but she stands out even from the typical oddness. All it would take is someone with a little bit too much curiosity to hire someone to look into her. Chrys has a powerfully important reason to keep her secrets and won't take too kindly to someone snooping around if she found out...

Steven and Veronica: Steven on the other hand is the sort who tends to hire a P.I. Granted, he doesn't often hire non-Mages because of the sorts of things he needs investigated. If the need arose and his usual spies were unable or unwiling to do a job he needs done he'd hire an outside contractor. Indeed, it might be him who hires Veronica to spy on Chrys. If things go sour, on that or another job, Veronica may have words with Steven. Or he has words with her if he were unhappy with the results.

Eli/Elia Morris and Veronica: {This is an NPC suggestion} This is one where she might be curious enough to check things out on her own. About a year and a half ago, these two appeared out of nowhere. No records of them existing before that point. With some digging, she might find mention of some of their anscestors, of the same name no less, from the 1700s but nothing since then. Strangely enough, even after their sudden appearance, the two have never been seen together despite supposedly being siblings...

Sal and Veronica: Sal is up to something. Everyone in town knows it, but no one knows what he's planning. This one is a big dangling plot thread and one that could have countless leads for her to follow to his doorstep. If you're interested, let me know and we can hash out which led her to him. She could even find multiple threads and that could lead to her following up...

Posted by: Veronica Bell Jan 16 2016, 07:42 PM
Thank you both!! I sent to both of you a PM! :

Posted by: Waverly Brint Mar 17 2016, 03:53 PM
A private investigation plot sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I just got done watching Jessica Jones on Netflix so definitely feel motivated to write about it. I still don't really understand PIs do exactly even after multiple google searches. Waverly could have an investigation going on against her or perhaps she could be source of information in one of Veronica's ongoing investigations.

I could brainstorm a little further if you're interested.

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