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 Noah Fenwick, Faculty | Verditius
Noah Fenwick
 Posted: Aug 25 2014, 05:08 AM
Notorious Crackpot
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Player Name: Squeeji

Character Name: Noah Abaddon Fenwick

Alias: Professor Fenwick

Age: 38

Character Type: Faculty

Profession: Mechanical Engineering professor focuses on: robotics, kinematics, mechanical systems and control. Active research areas include: robotic locomotion, sensor-based motion planning algorithms, multi-fingered robotic manipulation, applied nonlinear control theory, neural prosthetics, and medical applications of robotics.

Oh yeah and probably some magic shit. Or something. What...what...whatever.

House: Verditius

Secret Societies: Ordo Paradigma, Society of Ether

PB: Doc Hammer

Appearance: No notable differences


Forces: 3
Life: 3
Matter: 2
Mind: 2
Prime: 2

  • Create Force: The mage can now summon any previously mentioned force (Fire, Light, Sound, Electricity), seemingly from thin air and control the flow of said energies completely.
  • Kludging: This rote aids in the development of mechanical goods designed for a specific purpose. Think MacGyver, B.A. Barakas, Forge. You need a temporal bio-enhancerto destabilize the team in their prison? no problem,... you"ve got an empty film case, a dried up pen, some double-mint bubble gum, and an out of comission refrigerator. You can do it.... go ahead...
  • Fucking Physics!: By utilizing the principle of yielding force, the mage can turn a target's force against him when grappling, thus increasing her own strength in relationship to his.
  • Transform Self: The caster can physically transform themselves to a minor degree, allowing them to perfect their form without truly transforming it. She can temporarily double her strength or stamina, make herself twice as fast, or even make herself dramatically more beautiful (or ugly). This spell is incapable of true transformation into other forms, but is also capable of bestowing animal features to the caster, such as a rabbit's ears or a bear's muscular arms. Note: this can be slightly modified to include human style pheromones, but under no circumstances can the caster's biochemicals override conscious thought entirely.
  • One-Up: ...Let's just say this isn't the original Noah.
  • Analyze Enchanted Item: The mage can scrutinize an enchanted item and discern its powers and abilities. This process not only reveals the advantages of using an enchanted item, but also the disadvantages, such as curses or alarms attached to its use.
  • Activate Enchanted Item: Most artifacts and other enchanted items must either be attuned to the user or the user must activate it with a certain phrase or action. This spell allows the caster to bypass both potential requirements and activate it by charging it directly with mana.
  • Alter Conductivity: The caster alters the ease through which electricity and heat pass through a material. This can go in either direction, making an object electrically inert or a superconductor is equally possible with this spell.
  • Craftsman's Eye: With a bit of concentration, a mage can ascertain the proper function, operation, and maintenance of any object with moving parts.
  • Detect Substances: When casting this spell, the mage must declare what sort of material he is seeking, then invoke his tools and rituals. If successful, the mage can find any object within 20 yards which is comprised of the material he searches for.
  • Discern Composition: The mage can determine what sort of materials went into the composition, the density, the weight, and other characteristics of any given object.
    [*]Find the Hidden Hoard: With a wave of a hand and carefully chosen words, the mage can reveal hidden doors, safes, vaults, and other obfuscated compartments within any form of inanimate matter.
  • Unseen Aegis: Through manipulating the very air around himself, the mage wraps himself in an invisible "cushion" to blunt the inertia of incoming attacks. This shield dulls the effects of any direct attack; punches don't hit as hard, bullets are notably slowed, and flames are weakened through air moisture. Attacks can not be prevented entirely, but even lethal attacks are less likely to leave mortal wounds.
  • Alter Balance: While altering weights and densities remain beyond the mage's skills at this level, the mage can now alter the distribution of matter throughout a substance. This allows them to improve the balance of a sword, improve the accuracy of a fire arm, or any other object which would benefit from altered weight distribution.
  • Mental Shield: Sometimes the mage wants to protect herself from the prying (third-)eyes of others and this spell allows her to do so. The caster can choose whether this shield takes the form of total concealment of thoughts, blatant barriers against intrusion, or by temporarily erasing memories from her own mind. This spell lasts up to six hours per casting.
  • Multi-Tasking: While mortal multi-tasking is impossible despite claims to the contrary, this spell allows the mage to truly maintain multiple trains of thought with little difficulty. While the mage is incapable of maintaining this enchantment through strenuous physical activity, she can hold as many trains of thought as she so desires as long as they involve nothing more physically engaging than writing or tinkering with a device
  • Transform Simple Life: The caster may transform any simple organic life (plants, insects, fungi, etc) into any other form of simple life. Thus, the caster could transform an ear of corn into a swarm of bees, turn deadly nightshade into useful mint, or other similar transformations.
  • Self-Healing: The mage's understanding of life is complete enough that she can mend bones, cure disease, close cuts, and otherwise heal herself in any way necessary. Her understanding is not yet complete enough to illicit such healing in others, but she has complete mastery of her own health.
  • Mother's Touch: The caster is now capable of all healing skills available with the spell "Self-Healing" but can now apply its effects to others
Personality: Noah has all the makings of a comic book super villain. Except that he's a square peg in a round hole...he's trying so very hard to be good, and he's just not possibly capable of it. Fanatical and just a bit detached, he took his awakening with a a cackle as he muttered "I'll show them...I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!" After all there is nothing that in his mind Science! can't do, it just takes the correct application, and then...in his case, a bit of hand waving that stems to the realm of amoral. Which is usually where he gets in trouble. Most people, enlightened especially don't see the mentality of 'by any means necessary' a good or appropriate way to approach the world, even if Noah only sees what he does as for the greater good of humanity.

However Noah sees himself as superior to just about everyone and is loathe to take any flack from anyone that would disagree with him about anything. He's smarter then you, that's all there is to it. He has absolutely no qualms about acting that way or telling you such. He can be smug, persnickety, and chiding, his sense of humor is sharp and his sarcasm almost to dangerous levels of dry when it comes to those he can't stand...which is practically everyone at first brush. Time has made it hard to trust just about anyone but a rare few, though he's surprisingly quick to warm up to folks. In which case he's a slightly less highstrung pain in the ass.

There is little impulse control in what he does, because restraining yourself only keeps you from doing anything of any import...no that just isn't suitable for a man as grandiose as he is, reservation is for the weak willed that won't change the world. He's mostly unfocused, his mind is a thousand points of light, he thinks a million brilliant thoughts a minute and he tried to capture the tail of each one of those comets as they come with a mad man's fervor. So what he lacks in points of convergence he makes up for with rabid obsession, when he gets his mind on one thing he blindly follows through in nearly a trance-like state, forgoing simple biological need for his creation and ideals to the point where only failure could be guaranteed.

So what you're left with is an insane man that doesn't think things through, who tries to be good and keeps fucking it up, who unleashes horrors when trying to do something right. Who can never seem to match up to those who are fighting the good fight just as he is, but succeeding. Noah is a man who desperately wants to redeem himself but keeps doing it wrong. He's a sad, hopeful but arrogant genius who can't seem to get it right because apparently...his brain is cracked.

He's earned a nasty reputation because of his failings over the last decade, he's aware of it. It stings, but he keeps telling himself its because other enlightened lack his scope or imagination. They aren't on the front lines like he is and if they were, they certainly don't put everything on the line like he does. He might be a crap professor, and he might be a lousy keeper of the shadow law, but like hell if he isn't about the best soldier they got when it comes to taking down Exarchs.

Though times are changing, things are subtler now...his contemporaries are for the most part dead or have slipped finally into the void and Noah is finding himself at that point that comes with adulthood where he should settle down, but he's bucking it as only a manchild can.

While a passionate man, he knows he'd loose everything when and if he stops having a cause to fight for. What good was an army of robots when there wasn't anyone to sic them on? Why genetically engineer a perfect killing machine that would never kill? There was no reason to create deathrays when there were no more mirror shades to shoot them at....it was just something that took the wind out of his sails some. He's no longer the quite the chipper thing he was back in the day, oh certainly he can put on his aires, but it's just no fun anymore no one, growing up sucks, and he'll be the first one to say anything about it.

There is always a tomorrow, there is always another love interest, another villain to be vanquished, another good deed to be done. No need to throw in the towel just yet. He tells himself that always -he's optimistic and hopeful...those minor setbacks are just that, setbacks, he can get back to where he had been. Broken but not irreparable. He's a decent human being, he tells himself that constantly. But that's the problem- Noah is a villainous mad scientist, whose madness didn't manifest as some sort of laughable theme, but rather as a fixation on being a good person and he knows at some point, he might just have to take care of himself if the Shadow War ever ceases...and that's a hard sort of thing to deal with.

History: There's nothing about Noah's history that was worth noting, one of the last children born to the Fenwick mage dynasty, there wasn't much time for him and he was allowed to grow up wild, but at the very least he was bright. He passed school, but rarely in the classroom in comparison to his time in detention. But he was headstrong. Which was part of the reason that his first brush with sleeper university he failed out, mostly because he was dangerous. One explosion later, and he found himself as magically inclined as the rest of his family but with no taste for the arcane.

He joined a small group of science minded mages in a less then understandable umbral realm, where the name of the game was fighting Exarchs and Infernalists, lots of things happening in the between times, until the whole station got blown up and he and his team found themselves scattered to the four winds. Or seven seas if you prefer...

But Noah's level of expertise in the field and honorary doctorate- from a higher calling then his own of course- has earned him a position on the academy's faculty mostly because his mentor, who was cool, but dead now (crushed under a pop machine), held the position before him. Nepotism? Probably. But you won't see him complain. Though its hard to focus on the position when he swears there's still something to be done, just there's all this...settling down crap to do. Ugh.
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 Posted: Aug 25 2014, 01:52 PM
Man with a Plan
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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