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Aug 8 2018, 11:30 PM
Why did humans only evolve enough to have two arms? It was a dumb question but shit, a third would have really helped a brother out right about now. Because as it stood Christian had one arm full of flyers for some upcoming event at work while the other was busy trying to one-handedly send a text back to the stage five clinger known as Tammy, which left him with no hands for the water bottle that currently had its neck jammed in between his grit together teeth. Which, all together, made walking more or less a chore, and so he was dragging a good couple of feet behind Miss I'm Only Gonna Carry The Stapler.

“Serioubly, I'm gonna kilb this bish.” That was meant to be English, though how much of it actually counted was slim at best, and Christian angrily shoved his phone into his back pocket before removing the speech-slurring plastic bottle from his mouth.

“How many more of these do we gotta put up anyhow?” His tone was clearly annoyed, though his aggravation was misplaced, it wasn't getting paid to walk around doing the easiest job the club had to offer that was grinding his gears, no that'd be the phone vibrating against his ass for the millionth time in the last hour. Which was acknowledged with a curt exhale but mercilessly left unattended; for a moment Tammy could kiss the fattest part of that aforementioned ass, which would be quite the feet, as it was hella bony.
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