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Alexander Bonham

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Dec 10 2015, 10:39 AM
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Dec 8 2015, 10:14 PM
Stealing from the dorms was a piece of cake. Between the general pandemonium of college dorms and the idiots who forgot to lock their doors, there was plenty of sweet sweet loot to be had. Alex didn’t even rouse suspicion as he walked in and plunked himself down in common room. Feeling efficient, he pulled out his math homework and began scribbling down answers. Between problems he eyed the hallway, biding his time until his targets left for...well, wherever the fuck they were going, it wasn’t like he cared. As long as they stayed out long enough for him to ransack their room, he’d be happy.

Sure enough, a couple of saps walked out of a room and didn’t bother locking the door behind them. As soon as they were in the stairwell Alex packed up his homework and set to work. No one questioned his presence as he casually strolled down the hall and walked into the empty room like he owned it. It was a goddamn jackpot. A PS4 and games, two laptops, cash, and expensive textbooks all left unattended. Alex crammed as much as he could into his backpack to the point where it almost didn’t zip shut. He tucked the remaining textbooks under his arm and then made like a tree.

Robbery was the easy part, or at least it was easiest for Alex. The real challenge was moving said stolen property. He’d tried his luck on craigslist before, but after a few close calls he decided to let someone else take the risk. All he had to do was find a fence.

After a few days of asking around, Alex found himself hunting down some kid named Andrei. His hunt brought him and his brimming backpack to the infamous Morning Wood Manor. He knocked on several different doors before he was directed to what was supposedly the place to find the guy. Alex gave the door a good ol’ shave and a haircut knock, and then pressed his eye up against the peep hole.

“Uh, I’m lookin for Andrei?” He sounded unsure as he spoke to the door that hadn’t even opened yet.
Oct 13 2015, 10:35 PM
The styrofoam egg carton opened with an irritating squeak. From it Alexander plucked a large brown egg. He’d held it for a moment, turning it over in his palm and examining it as if it were some alien object. Did the brown eggs taste different than white eggs? Were they really healthier? Most importantly, were any better for egging houses? He’d only bought these because they happened to be on sale. College students had to be thrifty, yo.

Most mischief seemed to happen after sundown, but Alex had an atypical approach to his troublemaking. Sure darkness was easier to hide in, but you didn’t have to worry about hiding if no one was around to see you in the first place. Mid-morning on a weekday most adults were at work and children were in school. Houses would sit vacant until evening, ripe for the picking. It was the perfect day for egging too, not a cloud in the sky. It’d really help to bake the egg white onto the paint, make it extra difficult to clean up.

Alexander casually lobbed his first egg at the house. It hit the siding with a satisfying crack and oozed down the side. His aim left something to be desired, but his target was favorably broad. Grabbing another egg from the carton, he wound back like some moronic, untrained pitcher and prepared to loose another egg. The sound of footsteps gave him pause. He wasn’t expecting interruptions. Fuck.

Quick thinking led him to abandon his carton of eggs on the lawn and dive into some adjacent shrubbery. It was one of the worse ideas he’d had. Said shrubbery was apparently of the thorned variety. With a yelp that caused his voice to crack, Alex flew back out of the shrubbery and fell prone on the lawn. The force of the impact jarred his hand open causing his egg to skitter across the lawn before rolling to a stop, miraculously intact, at the feet of the interloper.
Sep 1 2015, 11:59 PM
The skies were miserably grey, the air distastefully humid. Fat, cold droplets of water splashed down on top of Alex’s ratty hoodie, soaking him through to the skin. If he’d thought to check the forecast he would have stayed inside, or at the very least nicked himself a raincoat. Teleportation was right out of the question; he’d been up all night drinking and had the focus of a flea. Last time he’d tried to teleport with a mind so foggy, he’d nearly ended up in a wall. Instead Alex had resigned himself to trudging across campus in soggy clothes.

During his walk of solitude, Alex stewed on his problems. For weeks he’d had worries nagging in the recesses of his mind, but as the fall semester approached they grew louder and more insistent. Tuition would be due soon, and while he’d managed to acquire a modest scholarship, it wouldn’t pay for everything. It was up to Alex to make up the difference, and with no job prospects or references he was floundering. There was only one thing left to do, the one thing Alex was actually good at. Crime.

Head hung low and hands in his damp pockets, he walked into the library. It seemed like as good a place as any, busy, full of people who were too distracted to watch their belongings. He pulled his hood back, trying his best to look nonchalant as he perused a few books he had no intentions of ever actually reading. In the meantime he cast an inconspicuous rote allowing himself to see everything around him. In this way he chose his target, a young man near his age who was sitting at a nearby table. It wasn’t really the man he was after, but the phone that was sitting on the table next to him. Phones were easy to pocket, and fairly easy to resell.

“Hey.” Alex said, quietly enough not to raise any eyebrows in the quiet library as he approached the young man. “I’m uh, new here. Do you know where the bathroom is in this place?” When he assumed the young man was sufficiently distracted, Alex slipped the phone off of the table and palmed it in one swift, practiced motion.
Aug 31 2015, 12:11 AM

Player Name: Rally

Character Name: Alexander Marcus Bonham

Alias: Alex

Age: 19

Character Type: Mage

Class Level: Undergraduate

Profession: Student

House: Ex Miscellanea

Secret Societies: None

PB: Jim Sturgess

Appearance: No differences


Space: 4
Time: 2

Rotes: 6

- Omnivision: This spell grants the caster visual perceptions that reach 360 degrees around the mage, effectively "growing eyes on the back of his head."
- Untouchable: The best policy for avoiding harm in a fight is to not be where attacks will land. This spell enables a mage to perform slight intuitive "tweaks" to the local fabric of space and slip away from hostile attention. The effect resembles something akin to the "Drunken Boxing" style of martial arts, where the mage keeps "getting lucky" as he seemingly stumbles out of the way of oncoming attacks.
- Ranged Blow: With this spell, all of the caster’s attacks temporarily (about 10 minutes) become ranged. Thus, swords and fists are as equally useful at range as a bow or gun. This spell cannot be used for blows to stretch beyond sensory range, but if one is using "Scrying" to see across great distances…
- Teleportation: This spell allows the mage to traverse space without moving and without the need of a portal. Through this spell, the mage simply appears where they mean to go, as if they had always been there.

- Perfect Timing: The mage is capable of knowing the exact moment for him to act for maximum effect. When throwing a punch, he knows the perfect time to swing to do the most damage to a mobile opponent. When attempting to time a blackout during an infiltration mission, the caster knows exactly when to throw the switch to safeguard his allies.
- Temporal Dodge: The mage protects himself from harm by creating a small bubble of "warped" time, either speeding herself up or slowing others down as they approach her. These small manipulations of his immediate temporal surroundings protect him from harm by twisting the fabric of time and causing attacks to be disrupted. For example, bullets decelerate or he accelerates, thus allowing him to dodge out of the way before the bullet strikes.

Above all things, Alex is impulsive. If he had something to say, he says it. If he sees something he wants, he takes it. There are some limitations of course. He is intelligent enough to survey the situation and determine whether or not acting on these impulses will lead to him getting his ass kicked and avoids it if possible.

If given an inch, Alex will take a mile. He constantly pushes boundaries, and tests patience. He is a bright young man, not unparalleled in brilliance, but a quick learner. Unfortunately his constant detachment, boredom, and sour attitude often give the impression that he’s an imbecile.

Unfortunately Alex is not a kind person, he’s rude and abrasive and hard to get along with. Friends of his are very few and far between, but those he manages to find are treasured above all. When it comes down to it, Alex is fiercely loyal but will put any potential friend through a gauntlet to prove their resolve before he dares get attached.

There isn’t much to be said about Alex’s life before Columbiana. That is to say, it wasn’t much of a life and it certainly wasn’t pleasant. He was thrust into the foster system at the tender age of six. His birth parents were often absent and, when present, were downright abusive. From a young age Alex was conditioned to stay detached. The only way he knew to cope was to act out, allowing his unrestrained impulsivity to lead the way.

He was eight when he first stole from one of his foster families: a gameboy, Tetris, and a twenty dollar bill. From there it accelerated to a compulsion. The rush of adrenaline and feeling of control was a potent drug for a child who had nothing else to look forward to. His bad behavior earned him no love from his foster families. Alex was thrown into foster home after foster home. Some homes he left due to the sudden reappearance of his birth parents. Other homes couldn’t handle his defiant behavior and kicked him to the curb as soon as possible. It became a game to him, seeing how quickly he could drive foster parents insane. By the time he aged out of the system at eighteen, his record for shortest stay was a mere three hours.

Without the safety net of the foster care system, Alex was forced to couch surf and live on the street. He awakened the winter after he turned eighteen. Desperate for warmth and half starved, his powers surfaced and aided him in staying alive on the streets. Most of his food, money, and belongings were acquired through shoplifting and pickpocketing. For six months or so he sustained himself this way until he tried to pickpocket a mage.

Alex expected to receive a sound beating, but instead received charity. The mage gave him the choice between applying to Columbiana or being thrown in prison. Alex decided he preferred freedom, and so he sent in an application for admission. Despite having never been a stellar student he was surprised to receive a letter of acceptance and made his way to Columbiana immediately.
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