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 Psionic Medicine Trials, Volunteers needed!
Sarah-Maud Rosemond
 Posted: Jan 10 2016, 01:57 AM

It is no secret that Professor Rosemond is often thinking of ways to innovate what she has coined “Psychical medicine,” “psychical theraphy,” and “psychical operations.” Under the impression that she is on the precipice of making novel changes and breakthroughs under the mantle of psychical medicine, the Jerbiton is in need of volunteers to undergo her program. There are little to no requirements for the volunteers, only that they be willing to undergo alterations to their mindscape, even temporarily, not permanently to see if such an operation(s) is substantiated.

Much of the science seems to be based around the repair of personality disorders, as well as the removal of memories, and or other psycho-neurological experiences that have been instrumental in creating the personality and the ego-identity therein associated with any one subject.

It is with great conviction that Rosemond believes that she is capable of making such a science well-received, and largely for the betterment of those who are troubled with psychological disorders, or otherwise personality disorders. This trial should be viewed as merely a trial alone, and should the efficacy of said operation prove to be to the liking of any volunteer subject, they are more than welcome to retain any alterations involved during the deculturation or enculturation process.

It should be noted that obviously the character will have access to astonishingly personal memories of any volunteers and these things can all be discussed! Hopefully someone joins in! Thanks for taking a look!
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