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Michael Bishop

Graduate Student

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Oct 7 2014, 12:07 PM
“Remember now, distance and timing are as important as anything else,” came a distinctly Irish voice, its distinctly North Dublin melody seemed at odds with the vacant interior of the Long House. The building was the oldest at the College, its age painted within every branch and log comprising the ancient Iroquois architecture where dedicated patrons of the more ‘naturalistic’ magical arts could congregate and practice their craft. That was, in a sense, what had brought Michael Bishop and his Irish associate to there that evening.

The youngest Bishop stood, chest heaving in search of a steady breath, with both hands up against his face in the classic boxers stance, his t-shirt drenched in the sweat stains inherent with intense physical exertion. The Dubliner across from him was less disheveled. Despite being dressed in a sweater of dull grey frieze, full length slacks and heavy leather boots he showed no sign of weariness or discomfort, even in the shockingly warm Long House.

With a long sigh the Irishman set his still smoldering pipe on a nearby table and approached the weary Michael Bishop. He raised his own hands into fist and centered his weight on the balls of his feet. Without so much as a warning he took a swift step forward with his left foot, closing the distance between them and snapping a jab at Michael Bishops face. The Bishop to his credit slipped the punch, the mans jab connecting with nothing but air. They exchanged flurries, jabs, followed by straights and hooks most were dodged or blocked easily enough until the Irishman took another step forward following a left hook. With less than a foot of space between them he sent an elbow slashing across Michaels temple.

The blow caught hard, causing the mage to stagger backwards, his disoriented frame an easy target for the basic push kick that caught him in the stomach. The impact wasn’t as hard as it could have been, but was still sufficient to send him to the ground.

”Cop on ya dosser! Don’t fall into a rhythm with your opponent unless it’s to your advantage, and even then, its just a matter of time before they change it up to catch ya leaning. chided the Irishman.

”When I said its all about distance I wasn’t lying to ya. It changes the game completely. The game you’ve been boxing your enemy like some bouzzie. But we aren’t sportsman, we aren’t playing games, we’re ending lives. A marfóir doesn’t try to out fight an enemy, he just puts them in the coffin. You know enough to get out of a disadvantages fight, you know how to close the distance, so do it.” instructed the Irishman as he picked helped Michael to his feet.

”This is where your fight should start,” he stated fiercely, his face less than a foot from Michaels.
”And this is where it has to end. You can’t dodge and neither can they so you hit first and you hit hard and – “ the instructors sentence was interrupted abruptly by Michaels forehead as it slammed against the bridge of the man’s nose. A vicious curse exited the man’s lips even as Michaels left hand shot forward with a strong left hook. The blow would have knocked a normal man flat but the Irishman’s guard returned faster than seemed natural absorbing much of the impact. He countered with a straight but Michael was ready, he slipped the punch and tackled the man at the waist sending them both to the ground.

Michael landed on top of his trainer, his right flinched raised in a fist ready to end the fight when the Irishman laughed.

”Now your getting the general idea of it boyo. Though you still have a few things to learn. he added with a nod towards his hands. Both had slim daggers in them, both were pressed ever so lightly against vital areas of Michaels anatomy. ”Remember, you’re a killer, not a fighter. If you have a weapon use it, no one will complain about your methods so long as the target stops taking breath.”
Michael, red faced and with adrenaline still pumping had more than a few venomous comments to make despite knowing what the man was telling him was accurate. Unfortunately it was at that moment that he noticed a figure standing at the entrance of the longhouse.

”Well, began Michael as he looked at the man at the door, and then the man he was currently straddling. ”This is awkward,”

”Guess that’s my cue eh boyo? Luck.” the Irishman commented casually before promptly fading away into the ground. That was one of the annoying aspects of working with ghosts. They still had a mind of their own.
Aug 29 2014, 04:38 PM

[*]Goes By: Captain Sunshine (To those that were undergrads with him), Heartless (Those that have seen or heard of his handiwork with the Thanatos), Michael
[*]Age: 24
[*]Group: Grad Student
[*]House: Thanatos
[*]Occupation: Campus Security
[*]In A Nutshell: Polite, Helpful, Nihilistic, Calculating, Sarcastic
[*]Marital Status: Single
[*]Play By: Josh Hartnett

[*]Note: He has been around the college for more than a little while now and consequently has next to zero contacts outside the valley that he knows personally. Those that went to school with him likely recall him as the friendly and helpful sort, though most have since stopped seeing that side of him thanks to his work with House Thanatos. His work as campus security means that few undergrads end up on his good side, but he couldn't really care less about that.
Aug 19 2014, 06:08 PM
Of all the places Michael had lived in his brief life the hills of Columbiana were as close to home as a piece of land could be. It’s cool mountain breezes carrying the scent of pine and ancient woods past the College and down into the village below. The gentle slopes of the surrounding mountains, the distant sound of small streams and creeks running over the rocks and around fallen trees as they had since time immemorial created an atmosphere that permeated every inch of the territory, every spot of earth and sky. As if the land itself were a sentient creature with a conscience all its own, and those few that lived within its’ borders were temporary tenants at the very best.

Michael Bishop liked that thought. He enjoyed the way the valley treated its inhabitants with a sense of polite indifference. In that way it was relatable.

Relatable. But not quite home.

He could remember the fine house he had lived in as a child. He remembered the smiles, and Sunday dinners. But those fond moments lived only as a memory now, long since having been stripped from this world.

It was during the short rides between the college campus and the village that the young Mage’s mind would wander back to those more pleasant times. The curtain would rise on a scene of fond familiarity, only to be pulled shut once again least less tender moments be dredged up from the recess’ of his mind, and in their resurfacing, tear anew wounds that had long since been bandaged in his youth.

The old Honda motorcycle he was on rumbled begrudgingly through the early twilight, its dim headlights pushing back the long shadows created by the towering trees and sinking red horizon. It was beautiful to be sure, but the man had little interest in basking in the simple joys of life. He had somewhere to be, and someone to meet, and some beers to drink in the interim. It was a rare thing for any creature, much less one with Michaels history, to be able to sit patiently, and wait for home to come to it. Instead of the other way around.

He cut the engine outside of the Worlds End Tavern, fingerless leather glove turning the valve on the gas tank off as his heavy boot forced the kickstand into position. The World Ends Tavern didn’t look like much, but that was part of the charm. The kids could have the nightclub, the hipsters could seek shelter in their European style coffee houses. There was always a seat at the Worlds End bar. For that alone, Michael was willing to weather the storm of isolation and limited conversation with a toothy grin.

The old door opened with only the slightest hint of a squeak to announce his arrival. A sound barely audible over the classic blues music emanating from the nearby jukebox. He held two fingers up at the bartender whose old keen eyes had fallen on him the moment he stepped into the establishment. He didn’t talk much, so Michael didn’t ask him much.

It was the kind of friendship that Michael preferred.

With only a quick glance around the sparsely populated room Michael finally grabbed a seat at the bar, a calloused hand running through his dark brown hair as he waited for his sister to finally find her way back to her little brother.
Aug 18 2014, 06:43 PM

Player Name: Blue

Character Name: Michael Joseph Bishop

Alias: CPT Sunshine / Heartless

Age: 24

Character Type: Graduate Student

Profession: Campus Security / Bartender

House: Thanatos

Secret Societies: The Gardeners

PB: Josh Hartnett

Michael Bishop comes from strong Irish stock. Or so his grandmother was always quick to tell him and his family. His bright blue eyes are made only more noticeable by his medium length black hair. He has an easy smile that finds itself on his features so frequently that it almost seems disingenuous.


Death: 2
Mind: 4
Prime: 3


- Grim Sight: Allows the mage to peer through the lens of Death and see the Underworld beyond. This also allows contact with spirits of the dead, however it does not convey understanding beyond language barriers.

- Touch of the Grave: The caster can now interact with spirits and creatures of the Underworld as if they were tangible. This includes manipulating raw ectoplasm (which can be excreted by either ghosts or by the mage herself) in such a way as to make ghosts visible to Sleepers.

- Soul Jar: The Caster is capable of summoning and/or binding spirits of the dead. Using an object as a fetter, the caster can 'chain' a ghost to the object either as a simple summoning anchor or a literal prison for the ghost.


- Sense Consciousness: This spell allows the mage to detect any creature with capability for sentient thought within her vicinity. Range affects details available, however. One can detect how many sentients are within a 100 yards, but not where they were or how they move. However, those details could be ascertained if the range is reduced to 10 yards.

- Mental Shield: Sometimes the mage wants to protect herself from the prying (third-)eyes of others and this spell allows her to do so. The caster can choose whether this shield takes the form of total concealment of thoughts, blatant barriers against intrusion, or by temporarily erasing memories from her own mind. This spell lasts up to six hours per casting.

- Universal Language: Through telepathic borrowing, the mage is capable of understanding and conversing in any human language. This spell can be used to communicate across any medium (spoken, written, typed, etc) and only requires the caster to be within 25 yards of someone capable of communication in the given language.

- Psychic Assault: Some spells damage opponents through magical manipulations of objects or the body, but this spell makes the concept of "Mind Over Matter" literally. Through a direct psychic blast, the caster forces the targets body to spasm and neurons to misfire, causing extremely painful and debilitating damage to the target's physical form. This attack is incapable of killing, but sometimes the subject wishes it were...

- Imposter: The caster clouds the perceptions of a single target, implanting suggestions in the minds of the subject that the caster is someone else or that some event is occurring before them. The target is convinced that the mage is this other person and all their perceptions are altered to match their expectations.

- Breach the Vault of Memory: The mage is now capable of reaching into the lowest depths of a subject's mind, accessing not just surface thoughts but memories as well. Once within the deepest levels of the target's subconscious the caster can now psychically read, write, or even rewrite the memories of the subject.


Sense the Supernatural: The mage can read the aura of another individual, but unlike the Mind power of similar purpose the aura perceived tells the mage nothing about emotions or mental states. Instead, the mage sees evidence in the aura of what sort of supernatural creature or supernatural influence has affected the subject

- Unseen Spy: By temporarily removing his personal mana from her presence, a mage using this spell becomes entirely undetectable by mystic means. Mundane detection methods are unaffected and using any magic whatsoever cancels this spell immediately, but until the spell is canceled no mystic sense can detect the mage.

- Create Artifact: The mage can use this spell to create a magical item. The item can only be imbued with mystic effects that the mage personally knows (i.e. it cannot teleport an individual unless the caster already knows that spell), but once the item is enchanted and give a trigger (such as a spoken phrase or being submerged in water) the item will continue being able to use that effect until the item is either dispelled or destroyed

If you were to ask Michael’s associates to describe him in one word it would be friendly. He doesn’t mind listening to others complain, he doesn’t mind helping others with day to day problems or conduct himself in a well-mannered and polite fashion. He always has a joke ready and has the strange ability to make others believe he genuinely cares about their well being. Which of course, simply isn’t true.

Manners and lighthearted banter aside, there is really very little in this world that Michael cares about. Those who know him well claim he has a severely muted sense of sympathy and empathy. That his main motivations for maintaining a personable attitude are because he feels he is expected to, and because he doesn’t want to risk damaging his reputation and the benefits that come along with being a generally well trusted and accepted individual. He has no problem with killing those who he feels warrant death. The problem, is that since he has no sympathetic connection with others based solely on their mutual humanity, it is extremely easy to get on that kill list. If it’s sanctioned by House Thanatos, if it is in defense of those he knows, if it is to stop someone with a history of hurting others or abusing powers, if its a supernatural creature not directly allied with the Order, he can and will execute them without a second thought. The only things that stops him from removing these people from the world are firmly established rules. Not state or federal laws mind you, he doesn’t care about those either. All he cares about is maintaining the code of the ethics set forth by his family, and by the Order.

It should be noted that while he lacks a strong sense of sympathy and emotional empathy towards living creatures, he does have well developed cognitive empathy. Because he has few strong convictions it is easy for him to put himself in other peoples shoes. Even though he may not feel a particular emotion, he understands which emotion or combination of emotions should be expressed depending on the situation. In fact, he has gotten quite good at imitating them, so much so that at this point, even he has difficulty deciding whether or not he is acting or actually starting to develop the emotions that were so strongly damaged in his youth.

He can make friends, and grow to care about them, but it is a long, long process. Typically it only happens with those that live up to his parents interpretation of the ideal Mage, something he tries to emulate despite his emotional disconnect. People who are honest, good hearted, brave and willing to admit their own mistakes have a far better chance at befriending him than those who are bogged down in petty squabbles or cowardice.

Fear is usually a moot point with him. He has seen things so terrifying they still wake him up in a cold sweat at night, things that his brain still can’t fully understand or process. Most of the things that are on this planet can’t come close to enacting the same level of terror. His fight or flight response still kicks in during dangerous situations of course, but as he has already accepted death as a natural occurrence and far from the worse thing that could ever happen to someone, so he typically reacts to danger with a sense of detached pessimism and more than a handful of sarcastic jokes.

Of all his emotions, anger is one that he is most familiar with. While he keeps a lid on his rage easily enough it is usually always simmering beneath the surface. A cold rage sitting his gut, not at the actions of others but at his own short comings, his own past failures, his own incompetence and inability. He is aware that this kind of anger is unhealthy, and that it is a weakness. Consequently, he rarely lets others know when they have touched a nerve. The only things that make him angry is the abuse of what few friends he has, disrespect himself or his reputation and people who make light of The Gardeners or the Old Gods. All of these things he can stomach rather well for a little while. The only thing he can’t stomach are insults to his family, living or dead. The only time an insult to his family won’t result in immediate retribution is if it comes from one of his superiors. And even then it can be tolerated only for so long.

Artifact List:
Spray On Infirmity – Like most of Michael’s creations the artifact is rather unassuming. The container in this case is a regular can of spray paint, but inside is a solution capable of rusting, corroding or decomposing inorganic matter. It utilizes Fate to decay the matter and prime to accelerate the rate of decomposition. The artifact is activated by depressing the spray nozzle at the top of the can.

Reading the Outmost 8 Ball – An artifact made out of an everyday magic 8 Ball. The 8 Ball can be used to predict the outcome of small random actions. It is activated by the user, any user, asking it a question. The more specific and immediate the better. If the prediction is too convoluted, the 8 Ball will simply tell the user to try again later.

Etch a Sketch of Death: Utilizing an etch a sketch with Ogham letters painted on it’s back as the artifact, this item is used to sketch murder scenes, including a brief synopsis of all information earned from ‘Forensic Gaze’ at the margins.
The Clover Stamp: An old stamp which leaves the image of a four leaf clover in ink on whatever it is pressed against. The stamp imbues a blessing of luck on whatever it leaves its mark upon. Slap onto a smoking engine in the hopes that it can hold together long enough to reach a mechanic, put on some dumb revelers head so that they stagger their way home safely, the uses aren’t limitless or drastic, but they sure are handy. If the ink rubs off, the spell is broken as well. Either way it burns out after 24 hours.

Luck of the Irish – A stamp similar to the Clover but which puts an ink image of a harp on whatever it is pressed against. Unlike the clover, this stamp conveys only bad luck to whatever it is placed on. If the ink rubs off, the spell is broken as well. Either way it burns out after 24 hours.

Counterspell Cuffs: Modern Handcuffs with Ogham Script stamped along the base of each manacle. These cuffs utilize Prime 2 block mana use before it becomes a spell. Spells already in affect remain in affect. Mikes still working the kinks out of that one.
Celestial firebomb: This artifact is very dangerous to make, and very time consuming. The ritual requires him to fill a bottle with common house hold chemicals, like gasoline and Styrofoam, and a dash of acid. Then he has to take a newspaper that he has painted Ogham script across, soak it in a chemical from the schools science lab, and wrap it around the bottle. Long story short, the chemicals inside the bottle and the chemical on the cloth create an explosion when in contact, like when the bottle is broken. This explosion sends fire in all direction, aided by Fate and enhanced by Celestial fire. It’s best to keep out of the hands of children.

Certamen Paint: The artifact is nothing more than a paint can with Ogham Script written along the bottom. Any paint that is put inside this bucket and left overnight can be used to paint the boundaries for a wizards duel. The cool news is that combined with Prime 3 it has a certain level of permanence allowing it to last for several hours so long as one wizard remains inside.

Washington Wizards Shield: Contained within a reel of stickers Michael acquired during advertisements for a basketball team is a very temporary, but fairly effective enchantment that provides some basic protection from spells. Whatever a sticker from this reel is attached to will be under the same protections as provided by the magic shield spell. Effects last for 48 hours.

Ring of the Unseen Spy: This ring grants the wearer protection against all magical means of detection. Which is pretty rad. The only downside is that if you cast a spell while wearing this ring, it explodes, causing the spell to break and the finger it was on to likely be separated from the rest of the hand. Mikes still working out the kinks.

Locksmiths Harmonica: A harmonic that can activate enchantments at a distance. The magic in the harmonica is activate when a specific note is played, but will not activate any artifacts that Michael has personally created. After accidently setting off a Celestial Firebomb in his workshop while experimenting with this Harmonica he installed some safety measures.

Psychic Teabag: This tea is a shortcut for mages who need to project their minds out of their bodies (like with Psychic Projection) to do very important things that do not include spying on ex-girlfriends. The magic in the tea bag is activated by hot water, and when said water is consumed it puts the mage into a mental state where their mind can travel around without the body. If the mind returns to the physical location of the body the spell is broken, if not, the spell is broken after an hour and their mind is pulled back into their body like a yo-yo.

Beast Masters Whistle: Though only a basic dog whistle, this artifact allows the mage to command animals. He needs to only think of the command while blowing the whistle, and picturing the animal in question. Each command requires an additional blow of the whistle.
Supermans Glasses: This artifact comes in the shape of very cheap black stemmed glasses. Much like the superhero they are named after this artifact allows the mage to lower the impression they make on others to such a degree that they become easily forgettable and "lost in a crowd" unless they do something intentional to draw attention. This spell lasts as long as the glasses are worn.

Psychic Flashlight: Dr. Who be damned this 120 lumen flashlight may not be very versatile, but it certainly packs a punch. It has three buttons, one to turn on basic white light, which illuminates dark areas, one that switches the light to a red filter causing all who look into the light or have it flashed into their eyes to suffer from the effects of ‘Psychic Assault’ and one that switches the light to a blue filter which causes those who look at it directly to suffer from the effects of ‘Psychic Blade’. Those suffering from the red light actively convulse as though they were being hit by a high powered taser, those who are suffering from the blue light stop in their tracks from several seconds as their mind collapses in on itself. After a few seconds blood will begin to form in their eyes, ears and nostrils as their literally pulls itself apart and kills them.

Psychic Assault Flashbangs: Flashbangs that ‘fell off the truck’ of the local swat team. These have a red piece of tape around their center. When detonated, all who suffer from the physical effects of the grenade becomes victims of a psychic assault.

Psychic Blade Flashbang: Flashbangs that ‘fell off the truck’ of the local swat team. These have a blue piece of tape around their center. When detonated, all who suffer from the physical effects of the grenade becomes victims of a psychic blade attack.
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