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Kimiko Takahashi


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Dec 10 2015, 02:22 PM
It had been a long couple of months. There had been weird faerie beasties attacking, magical suicide bombers (of both the local metaphorical and the literal types abroad), kidnappings, and none of that even mentioned the increasing tensions and factionalism cropping up amongst students and staff alike. This whole Free Council thing was putting a real strain on campus. Half the students wanted violent revolution right now. Half of those who didn't still wanted some kind of change as soon as humanly possible, ranging from a relaxed curfew to the Magisters abdicating peacefully. The last quarter of the student population? Well, they seemed to be of the mindset that the other three-fourths of their classmates were insane and the administration needed to 'keep them in line.' Interestingly? The Faculty seemed to divide along similar lines... only in reverse. To say that people were at each others throats would be the understatement of the decade, and the tension was so so palpable that Kim feared (as did many who knew of the possibility) that it might catalyze into a literal, living form.

That was what this party was supposed to be all about. God knows that there would be any other reason why she would be standing under an enormous wreath and handing out hot chocolate when she could be raiding Hellfire Citadel at home, or at least nursing this cough. To be fair, it wasn't exactly her idea. Maria Santiago, the de facto campus priest and resident "insufferably nice person" had suggested it at the last staff meeting. Apparently her prayer circles weren't reaching as many students as she hoped and thought a Christmas party would help soothe the strain students were feeling. After an hour of pointless bickering from the shaman-on-wheels about terminology, they were each assigned shifts at the "Holiday Party" here in the Grind. Hence why Kim was even here.

Kim sighed deeply as she topped off another half dozen cups of cocoa and rolling her eyes at Maria's over-enthusiastic attempts to get some reluctant students to partake in her 'make your own ornament' stations or hanging said creations of the communal tree on stage. That woman was so kind and generous and genuine... It always made Kim feel like a shitheel. Doubly so when she knew full well that Maria would have been here even if it weren't required and Kim would not. Kim grumbled lightly to herself, coughed lightly into a tissue, and plopped down in an overstuffed chair she'd pulled over next to the table for just this purpose and opened up her DS. Maybe if she focused only on the game and her job, the night would be over sooner, in lieu of someone coming over to chat instead of just grab a festive drink, it was the best plan she had...
Sep 22 2015, 06:32 PM
It was often said that to make even the hardest decisions in life, one needed only to change their perspective. Well, Kim had tried everything she could imagine and more to wrap her head around the question hounding her. Nothing seemed to work. She had written dozens of lists regarding pros and cons. She had created computer models to analyze possible outcomes both personal and globally based on potential choices and what she understood of socio-political information. She had even done the unthinkable, something she swore she would never again do if she needed help: she had called her mother.

Despite all efforts and approaches she had tried, all Kim had to show for it was a lot of frustration and uncomfortable plans to visit her parents and introduce a boyfriend she didn't have at Thanksgiving. She hated it. She hated everything right now. She even hated herself for being so indecisive. It simply wasn't like her to stall and stick on something like this. Hell, she had given up her Magister-hood after a single conversation and a sound night of sleep. This time was different though...

They had given her a week to come up with an answer to their offer, and she had used almost every minute of that time up agonizing over it. She couldn't even sleep. Now, as the minutes ticked by to midnight of the day where she was expected to answer, she still had no idea what she would do. She had sworn she would have an answer by morning, which meant she couldn't sleep until she had made a decision. Which was why she was sitting, upside down in an overstuffed chair, in the university coffee shop with nearly a dozen empty coffee cups on the small table in front of her. "This has to work. Blood flow in the brain should help stimulate thought, and thus a decision..." She didn't quite believe her own mutterings, but she screwed up her face in concentration as her face slowly turned bright red...
Apr 17 2015, 10:38 AM
Friday night. A time to go out with friends or loved ones, or maybe even a time to find future loved ones. At least in a perfect world. Kim's world was almost never perfect though, and accordingly she was here more often than not. Whiling away another Friday night cleaning up after the messes her students had left. Or rather, a very specific student.

"Goddammit Jazz, why?" The assignment had been extremely simple. Using the reality code that Kim had provided, the students were tasked with making some sort of minor change in themselves or their environments. A change of hair/eye color, shifting light into another frequency with code alone, projecting a single packet of information directly into the mind of another; simple stuff. Indeed, Kim had provided a code that was specifically designed to only allow minor changes.

Somehow though, Jazz had found a way to not only recompile the provided code to allow greater changes, but she had somehow managed to infect the base code of the lights in the room. Now, rather than insubstantial waveform particles which lights typically emit, she had somehow manage to reconfigure said photons to take physical form and manifest as liquid. A liquid that was slowly pouring out of the fluorescent bulbs above and tumbling to the floor below where they pooled and rose like the tide coming in.

This made life quite difficult as Kim was left to code like crazy to prevent the room from filling with liquid light. She didn't even know if one could drown in light, but she didn't want to try. To make matters worse, Jazz's program seemed to be semi-sentient. Intentional or not, Jazz had created a self-repairing code which corrected itself after every workaround that Kim managed to force through. So far, only two things had saved the day. First, Kim had been sitting in her office twenty minutes ago when the program had somehow initiated itself. Second, she had noticed what was happening quickly and managed to both isolate Jazz's computer from the network (to prevent its spread through the school, for now) and to turn off all but the emergency lights to slow the flow to a trickle. Still, if she couldn't figure out a solution soon, the light would flood the building. It was already leaking underneath the door and flowing down the hallway in what must be a magnificent and bizarre sight...
Aug 8 2014, 10:36 PM

Player Name: darkkenchild

Character Name: Kimiko Takahashi

Alias: Kim, Slip_Stream

Age: 27

Character Type: Graduate Student

Profession: Doctoral Student, Computer Science Professor

House: Jerbiton

Secret Societies: Freemasons

PB: Mitsuoka Masami

Appearance: No notable differences.



Personality: You love life, you really do. There’s an electrical magic pervades the very air of the modern world, and you want to ride that lightning. The advent of wireless technology around the world brings you great amusement, constantly giggling about riding the air waves like an invisible bird. Anyone who asks you your opinion gets it in spades, but you’re never rude about it. Indeed, when the chips are down, you drop your effervescent demeanor in an instant and you’re all business. You switch between boisterous to serious in moments.

Public History: Kim stood out, even a young age. While she was not the smartest, nor the most athletic, nor the prettiest, nor any other distinction of greatness amongst her peers she still made herself known as clever, active, and cute. A "jill-of-all-trades," Kim rose high in middle and high school; with the social flexibility and charm to make friends with everyone, she never found it difficult to go anywhere and do anything she needed. Of course, her self-esteem took a small dive when, in her senior year, she was approached by a handful of young women from the Academy.

Turns out, she had been using magic for her entire life, though she hadn't known it. The Academy had been watching her, waiting for an Awakening to indicate a conscious awareness of her abilities, even informing her parents to contact the school if they noticed anything, but it had never come. Only when the leader of this trio of Academy women had, on a lark, sought out the girl's aura for inspection did they realize that Kim was such a natural that she might well have been Awakened from birth.

Whisked away to the Academy, Kim didn't find herself quite so comfortable (as her magic was less effective on those who could also work it), but she still excelled in her schooling. Her natural charms made her friends (though less than she mystically had in high school) and her natural ease with magic led to an early graduation and earning a reputation amongst the graduate students of Jerbiton. In fact, she left a strong enough impression on her peers that, when the former Jerbiton Magister met his untimely end under mysterious circumstances last year, the freshly minted Dr. Takahashi found herself nominated to take his place. While she still doubts her worthiness for the position, she is doing the best she can to live up to what everyone expects of her.

She eventually found that she simply couldn't do it. Between her own studies, teaching classes, and attempting to manage an entire House Kim was fraying quite badly. A timely intervention from Noah Fenwick proved beneficial and Kim stepped down (officially taking a "sabbatical" from her status as Magister and appointed Paul Thompson to lead in her stead. When she is a little older and done with her studies, she hopes to reclaim the title, but for now teaching her classes and studying is more than enough for her.
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