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 Elizabeth Wyatt, Graduate | Thanatos
Elizabeth Wyatt
 Posted: Aug 13 2015, 02:38 PM
Creepy Curious Girl
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Player Name: Rally

Character Name: Elizabeth Wyatt

Alias: Lissi

Age: 32

Character Type: Mage

Class Level: Graduate Student

Profession: none

House: Thanatos

Secret Societies: The Gardeners

PB: Emmy Rossum

Appearance: No notable differences

Spheres: 4

Death: 4
Matter: 1
Mind: 5
Prime: 1
Time: 2

Rotes: 21

- Speak With the Dead: The mage is capable of seeing and speak with the souls of the dead, whether they choose to acknowledge her or not. This allows a basic understanding of what the spirits are saying, but without a shared language only basic concepts can be conveyed.
- Grim Sight: Allows the mage to peer through the lens of Death and see the Underworld beyond. This also allows limited contact with spirits of the dead, however it does not convey understanding beyond language barriers.
- Touch of the Grave: The caster can now interact with spirits and creatures of the Underworld as if they were tangible. This includes manipulating raw ectoplasm (which can be excreted by either ghosts or by the mage herself) in such a way as to make ghosts visible to Sleepers.
- Ghost Gate: Allows the mage to open a gateway into the Underworld for herself and her companions to enter the Shadowlands. Take care however, as this gateway is a two way street…
- Summon Shadows: As with Animate Shadows, but the mage can now create darkness out of nothing, requiring no source for the shadows.
- Enervation: With a touch mage can draw life force from a living person and use it to strengthen herself. This life force can be used to heal wounds, banish exhaustion, or simply provide a burst of energy for the caster. The victim, conversely, is afflicted with something resembling a wasting disease until they get a full night's sleep.
- Decay: The caster can cause a material object to corrode, rust, or become rotten. This material can be organic, but it must not be actively alive. Uprooted plants and dead animals qualify, but a living person does not.

- Aura Perception: The mage can discern the mental and emotional states of a thinking being by reading his aura and identifying the colors present therein. Please refer to this chart for a basic list of mental/emotional states and their respective colors.
- Multi-Tasking: While mortal multi-tasking is impossible despite claims to the contrary, this spell allows the mage to truly maintain multiple trains of thought with little difficulty. While the mage is incapable of maintaining this enchantment through strenuous physical activity, she can hold as many trains of thought as she so desires as long as they involve nothing more physically engaging than writing or tinkering with a device.
- Mental Shield: Sometimes the mage wants to protect herself from the prying (third-)eyes of others and this spell allows her to do so. The caster can choose whether this shield takes the form of total concealment of thoughts, blatant barriers against intrusion, or by temporarily erasing memories from her own mind. This spell lasts up to six hours per casting.
- Universal Language: Through telepathic borrowing, the mage is capable of understanding and conversing in any human language. This spell can be used to communicate across any medium (spoken, written, typed, etc) and only requires the caster to be within 25 yards of someone capable of communication in the given language.
- Psychic Assault Some spells damage opponents through magical manipulations of objects or the body, but this spell makes the concept of "Mind Over Matter" literally. Through a direct psychic blast, the caster forces the targets body to spasm and neurons to misfire, causing extremely painful and debilitating damage to the target's physical form. This attack is incapable of killing, but sometimes the subject wishes it were...
- Breach the Vault of Memory: The mage is now capable of reaching into the lowest depths of a subject's mind, accessing not just surface thoughts but memories as well. Once within the deepest levels of the target's subconscious the caster can now psychically read, write, or even rewrite the memories of the subject.
- Psychic Blade As per "Psychic Assault" only the attack is fully capable of dealing death, often in an extremely painful fashion.
- Telepathy: This spell unlocks the minds of others to the mage, thus allowing direct mind-to-mind communication of thoughts, images and emotions across vast distances and without the need for physical proximity. This holds with it no act of compulsion, and is solely useful for communication purposes.
- Euphoria: The mage can create a powerful feeling of euphoria that blocks out pain, allowing them to keep functioning even when grievously injured. It may be cast on others.
-Knowing the Dead: The mage can read the minds of ghosts. Learning any of the secrets of dying or any events the ghost experienced since its death is exceptionally difficult. The experiences themselves are so alien to a living being that most of the information received is exceedingly sketchy and difficult to interpret. However, this spell also allows the mage to read the ghost's mind to learn about the events of the ghost's life. Also, this spell can be used to uncover memories that the ghost may no longer consciously remember.

- Sense the Supernatural: The mage can read the aura of another individual, but unlike the Mind power of similar purpose the aura perceived tells the mage nothing about emotions or mental states. Instead, the mage sees evidence in the aura of what sort of supernatural creature or supernatural influence has affected the subject.
- Analyze Enchanted Item: The mage can scrutinize an enchanted item and discern its powers and abilities. This process not only reveals the advantages of using an enchanted item, but also the disadvantages, such as curses or alarms attached to its use.

- Internal Clock This spell allows a mage to accurately assess all the temporal components occurring in him immediate vicinity, giving him the ability to always know the exact and proper time relative to his location.
- Postcognition: Where the future is complicated and mired in possibility, from the perspective of the present the past is much more concrete. By casting this spell over an object or within a location, the mage is able to see into the past to glean details of what occurred. Using this spell on a murder weapon to witness the crime, or casting this in the room where the user knows a secret deal was struck could allow her to witness the covert conversation.


Lissi is not particularly difficult to get along with. She doesn’t go out of her way to make enemies, and won’t hesitate to engage in friendly smalltalk. She possesses an innate interest in other people. She is straightforward without being brutal and only ever lies for kindness sake.

Perhaps the strangest thing about her is the air of melancholy that seems to follow her around. It isn’t that she is depressed per se, she has no trouble getting out of bed each day and finds joy in many things, but she has a healthy appreciation for everything and everyone the world has lost. In a sense she is hung up on history, preferring to learn and experience things that already happened rather than go out and live events currently unfolding- after all, the past is generally concrete and safe so long as one is careful. She never meddles with time though, only observes, remembers, and records.

There’s also the matter of death magic. Lissi is a pragmatic sort of girl and has no patience for superstition. As far as she is concerned death magic is a tool like anything else. She is of the opinion that death magic is no more likely to be abused than any other sort of magic. The stigma is real though, and so Lissi doesn’t openly advertise her abilities. To those who prove themselves sensible and not squeamish, Lissi will happily discuss her “talents”.

Ethics are important to her, though she believes nothing is ever black and white. In general she has no qualms with the manipulation and usage of corpses, but she does dislike the idea of imprisoning or binding any sentient beings that haven’t proven themselves a threat.

Lissi doesn’t mind ignorance, but she does resent willful ignorance. Those too proud to accept new evidence and too proud to admit they’re wrong rankle her. Ironically, Lissi is somewhat blind to her own pride and isn’t always able to stop herself when her frequent storytelling segues into boasting about the things she knows.


One might think that with a single, working mother Lissi’s childhood would have been a lonely one, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Desperate to keep her daughter clothed and fed, Lissi’s mother worked long hours as a CNA and often dragged her young daughter along to the nursing home where she worked.

The nursing home was intimidating at first, the smell of antiseptic and moth balls, machines that hissed, and beeped and patients whose thousand-yard, glassy-eyed stares seemed to bore holes right through Lissi. There were others though, healthier patients who delighted in the company of a child. It was these few who drew Lissi out of her shell. They coaxed her out with stories and music and card games. The memories they shared were by far Lissi’s favorite, they outshined any story she had read in her fiction books. As her old friends recounted their childhoods, Lissi felt their memories almost as if she had experienced them herself: Endless summers filled with ice cream, games of tag that stretched the length of the neighborhood, the joy of crowding around the family radio for the weekly episode of The Lone Ranger.

The memories became so vivid as to almost feel tangible. In retrospect she realized this was the beginning of her awakening.

As she grew older they shared memories of a different nature, tales of soldiers far too young to be sent off to war, comrades in arms slaughtered in the trenches, diseases that killed more than any in modern history, poverty so desperate that Lissi comparatively lived like a princess. Death and loss became something of a normalcy. It was to be expected in a convalescent home, really. Lissi mourned the deaths of her friends, but she grew accustomed to it.

It helped that she had manifested the ability to speak with the dead and was able to communicate with those friends who had passed. Death became something that wasn’t to be feared. It was a relief, an end to suffering, and an inevitability. Despite her acceptance of fate, there was one thing that terrified Lissi more than anything: Being forgotten.

Throughout her childhood, time and time again, Lissi saw patients who had either outlived or had been abandoned by their friends and family only to die alone. Once deceased they might as well have never existed, no one cared about them and no one remembered. Lissi resolved to do better. She began taking notes, keeping meticulous records of names and important memories so that her friends would live on in the pages of history.

It was about this time that Lissi entered high school. She began to show an interest in history particularly the things that the history textbooks missed, diluted, or just got plain wrong. As her magic continued to blossom, Lissi tried to use it to her advantage- witnessing history unfold with the manipulation of time and using the memories of those around her as a touchstone. Untrained as she was though, her spells were inefficient and underpowered. She wasn’t terribly subtle about it either, and was caught by one of the patients at the nursing home. The patient, a woman named Netta, was also a mage and in her younger years had attended the University in Columbiana. Even though her health was failing, Netta penned a letter of recommendation for Lissi before she died.

Lissi happily packed her things and moved to Columbiana for her education. It was strange at first, being around so many other mages, but Lissi soon got used to it. She focused her studies on history (both mundane and magical) as well as learning to “see” history through the memories of the living and conversations with the dead.


Riesen (Brownie): So named for his affinity for the candy, Riesen stands about a foot tall and weighs a little over a pound. Due to Elizabeth's meddling he has become slightly more intelligent than the average brownie, but remains skittish around unfamiliar folk. He is normally dressed in a combination of repurposed doll clothes and knitwear made by Lissi. In addition to candy, Riesen has shown affinity for oatmeal, honey, burrowing into the clean laundry, and hiding knickknacks under the couch. He seems to be crepuscular and when not active around the apartment, enjoys sleeping in the vent under a loose floor register in the kitchen (which he has lined with mismatched, stolen socks).

Read/Write- Riesen knows how to read and write English.
Illuminate- Riesen's eyes glow like flashlights. The light is enough to read by and lets Riesen act like a lamp for others in a small area.
Speech- Unlike most familiars, who can only communicate empathically with their mage, Riesen has learned the ability to speak with its own voice.
Hide- When you can’t run and you can’t fight, sometimes the best move is to sit still and hide. With some natural cover Riesen can hide from whomever searches for it. He has to have some amount of cover, and needs to remain relatively silent and unmoving.
Darksight- Riesen can “see” in total darkness.
Fear- Riesen radiates an aura of palpable fear to creatures around it. It might bring back memories of childhood and being chased by the neighborhood dog, or it might remind a creature of what it’s like to be chased by a predator. Whatever the case, this Charm leaves the affected creature unable to act and scared.
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 Posted: Aug 13 2015, 11:09 PM
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Your character has been approved! Please swing by the Campus Facebook and Who's Who pages, and add them to your Plot Page so everyone can get to know them. We look forward to playing with you!

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