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The Hedge, what the hell Columbina actually is, Changelings.
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Mad Bill


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Nov 30 2015, 04:51 AM
Friedrich Nietzsche

Player Name: Dreethewyrd

Character Name: William Richardson

Alias: Mad Bill

Age: 21

Character Type: Changeling

Profession: Student Counsellor

Seeming: Darkling

Court: Autumn

PB Young Freidrich Neitzsche

Appearance: Mad Bill looks a lot like young Neitzsche, a slightly smoother jaw and thicker, longer hair. At least at Mask level. At his Mein Bill has unblinking eyes, bleached white skin, black eyes and wild untamed hair, his fingers are long and calloused. Under his shirt are two thick black circles where the stakes drove him into the ground.

Contracts of Dream

1 - Pathfinder: Through this most basic Clause, the Changeling gains access to the realm of dreams. Without it, she may still view the dreams of others, but this allows the Changeling to literally step into the dream of a mortal.

Catch: Pluck a thorn from any natural plant and use it to shed a single drop of blood.

2 - Forging the Dream: Once within the dreamscape, this Clause allows the Changeling to direct the flow of a mortal's dream. This can take the form of small changes (a slavering wolf into a docile dog) or large (a "dark and stormy night" becomes a pleasant and cloudless afternoon). Despite the great power this grants the Changeling, it cannot cross the threshold of Dream/Nightmare; she can lessen the severity of a Nightmare or strengthen a Dream, but she cannot turn one into another. This ability only works on Sleepers and Mages who have given permission.

Catch: Gently touching the forehead of the dreamer.

Contracts of Autumn

1 - To the Last Breath: A plant reaches its ripest point of the year and is ready for harvest in a matter of moments. This can only affect enough of a plant which can be clasped within the Changeling's hand (such as single branch or single pumpkin vine). The portion of the tree so affected withers and dies immediately after harvest.

Catch: The plant is unclaimed or the Changeling has permission to harvest from it.

2 - Tale of Baba Yaga: Through the telling of a tale, the Changeling convinces those listening that what she describes is terrifying. Through her words, the Changeling can drive entire crowds into a terrified frenzy. How her targets react is based upon the individual, but the terror is complete. A young mother may keep her child inside for weeks out of fear that a hawk may steal her toddler or a young man may incite a mob to seek out the lonely old man in the woods with torches and pitchforks out of fear for their homes.

Catch: The fear evoked is based upon a myth, urban legend, or actual threat known to the subjects of the Clause.

Contracts of Darkness

1 - Creeping Dread: Just as time spent alone in the dark wears away at reason and confidence, so can a Changeling wear away his enemies resistance to fear and intimidation. The target grows jumpy and easily frightened, leading them to make more mistakes in their nervousness. Additionally, any supernatural power that invokes something the subject fears finds its effects doubled.

Catch: The Changeling is invoking this clause to drive others into or out of her dwelling.

Personality: Mad Bill is not the strong silent type, the smart silent type or even the charming silent type. He is the pure unadulterated mad silent type and he revels in it. Quiet to a fault, gentle, but somewhat capricious towards humans Mad Bill likes to watch, wait and listen rather then directly act in any situation and his actions are based more around creating fear, sowing discord, and invoking terror rather than direct offence. However around Changelings he is incredibly reserved preferring to watch and only make comment when asked.

His internal nature is chaotic at best constantly switching between elated and sluggish thoughts in a very bipolar manner and whilst he'll always muster the energy to assist his friends he'll either be kind or grumpy about the situation. The largest predicator in his behaviour is the stage of the moon. During the full moon and the 7 days either side he tends to be more energetic, happy, and altruistic. However as it nears the new moon he is more and more capricious, grumpy, and callous.

History: William was the first and only son of Shaun and Jessica Richardson. Born on the fourth of June 1966 under the light of the full moon. His early life was pretty standard and he was known for having outstanding mental fortitude before he was taken to Arcadia. His Keeper noticed his fortitude after Willam's mother died. One month after her death his Keeper came for him. After school he was snatched up and whilst he fought the Keeper pulled him through the Thorns.

William was taken to a hill by the Keeper who revealed themselves to be the Father Moon. He drove two stakes through his shoulders and forced William to watch the dance of the Father Moon, Mother Son and their freed Children. Slowly Thorns weaved around his body pinning him to the ground and peeling his eyes open to stair at their dance as he slowly went mad from the pain. Mad Bill slept with his eyes open one night and he dreamed of home, where the moon and stars followed a set pattern until he sat up in a field and crawled away from his Keepers and back into the thorns where he ran until the fake moon went away.

Ripping free from the hedges in Sydney he slowly travelled around and joined the Autumn Court before making it to Columbine's area looking for a place to be safe and be himself. And Maybe he found it.
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