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 Adoptable Characters, Premade and ready to be Claimed
 Posted: Aug 1 2015, 08:24 PM
Man with a Plan
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Those characters listed below are available for players, both new and returning, to claim as their own. The broad strokes of these characters should not be altered, as many of these characters have appeared as NPCs in past threads. We do provide (and encourage!) the option for players to customize the details of their claimed characters and make them your own!

If you are interested in claiming any of these characters, simply contact an admin, we'll help you customize the character, and get you approved for play!

Adoptable Characters

user posted image

Character Name: Spencer Bailey

Alias: Spence

Age: 35

Character Type: Sleeper

Profession: Police Officer

Known Affiliations: Columbiana PD

PB: Bill Hader

Personality: Spencer is a simple man with a simple goal: to do his job, and do it well. Unfortunately for Officer Bailey, his job involves patrolling the streets of Columbiana. There's a lot of weird crap that goes down in the valley, and Spencer doesn't have a way to explain any of it. That's the sort of thing that can leave a man rife with paranoia, but Spencer's just a touch too daft to let it truly get to him. So he calks things like Eldritch monstrosities rising from the mountain tops and kids chucking fireballs on any number of inexplicable things, that is, when they manage to catch his attention. Spencer had an impressive lack of situational awareness for a man whose job relies heavily on such a thing.

Some cops are stalwart, upstanding men of action. Spencer is impressively lazy, doing as little actual work as possible to get a job done, concerned only with the "cool" aspects of being a cop. Getting to carry a gun, eating fast food in the car, driving through red lights with the sirens on, yelling at teenagers... job perks, all of them. It's all that processing paperwork that's a real drag here.

user posted image

Character Name: Justin Dunst

Alias: J.D., Dunst

Age: 33

Character Type: Sleeper

Profession: Police Officer

Known Affiliations: Columbiana PD

PB: Seth Rogan

Personality: Amiable and friendly, Justin seems almost out of place on the police force. He honestly wants to help people in whatever way possible. Always quick with a joke, generous with smiles, and easy to get laughing, Justin loves his life and the people in it. The fact that he's a bit daft doesn't hurt him much in this regard, but it makes him seem all the more harmless.

His harmless appearance isn't entirely accurate, however. Having lived in Columbiana his whole life, Justin knows that there's something else at work behind the scenes in his town. He doesn't know what it is, but his natural curiosity keeps him alert. He is still kind of daft though, so while he obsesses over fortunetellers, he misses the wizards dueling in the woods behind him. He ca defend himself against most things he encounters, but if only he could notice those threats in the first place...

user posted image

Character Name: Keith Lynn Feely

Alias: Feely, Officer Feely

Age: 36

Character Type: Sleeper

Profession: Police Officer

Known Affiliations: Columbiana PD

PB: Andy Samburg

Personality: Keith is... the equivalent of a human Labrador retriever, he's a touch hyperactive, a bit too friendly...honestly far too trusting and empathetic. It's a small wonder he's a cop at all. Though the story goes that he didn't always have that altruistic streak when he first came in from the academy, but no one can either confirm or deny those rumors. Including Keith, who typically just blinks vacantly at any question passed by him.

Though these days, no one complains, because really is terrible at his job, he rides his bike through the village trying to keep the hooligans around the mall from getting too rowdy 0 sure they steal his bike all the time, but its just kids being kids. As for any of the weirdness that the valley brings into his town - he seems just as blissfully unaware of that as anything else. Which is a bit disconcerting if you're a dyed in the wool local.

user posted image

Character Name: Randall Bannerman

Alias: Randy, Agent Bannerman

Age: 38

Character Type: Mage

Profession: Secret Agent

House/Seeming: Thanatos

Known Affiliations: A.R.E.S.

PB: Eric Dane

Personality: Cheeky, irreverent, and sarcastic... Randy's kind of a dick and he knows it. Rude and offensive, Randy seems to enjoy pushing other people's buttons. The only thing he takes more seriously than not being serious? He never jokes about his job. He jokes on the job, but he gets said job done with all seriousness required.

user posted image

Character Name: Douglas Blackwood

Alias: Doug, Blackwood

Age: 39

Character Type: Mage

Profession: Bookstore co-Owner

House/Seeming: Criamon

Known Affiliations: The Watchtowers

PB: Alexis Denisof

Personality: Doug is a man with two sides. In public, he is a pillar of propriety. He treats others with respect and understanding, even the most degenerate of humanity. He shows some small disdain for those who cannot see reason and refuses to think for themselves, but he tries to be understanding and let them leave in peace. Etiquette is the name of the game and he will do anything that protocol demands in a given situation.

When the doors have been closed to the public however, Doug becomes a different and more truthful man. His passions turn darker and the annoyances of the day rise to the forefront of his mind. Bitterness and sarcasm come to dominate his conversations and thoughts. He becomes snarky and his tongue becomes barbed. Sure, he rarely does anything truly malicious or sinister, but he no longer seems to cares for propriety. When situations arise which require agression, Blackwood knows his strengths and plays to them; planning as far ahead as possible, adapting switfly and intelligently to changing circumstances, laying traps, and doing what he must to win.

user posted image

Character Name: Dexter Gathers

Alias: Dex

Age: ???

Character Type: Mage

Profession: Pharmacist

House/Seeming: Solificati

Known Affiliations: The Watchtowers

PB: Bill Murray

Personality: Eccentric, weird, drugged out, paranoid, and a plethora of other colorful adjectives could easily be applied to Dexter. All are true and none are something he'd dispute. Unabashed and unashamed of what others think of him, Dexter continues about his life with a purpose that even he seems somewhat unsure of at times.

user posted image

Character Name: Jennifer Bridges

Alias: Jen

Age: 34

Character Type: Mage

Profession: House Magister, Conservation/Shamanism Professor

House/Seeming: Meritina

Known Affiliations: Ghost Wheel Society (Loose affiliation of shaman)

PB: Anna Tsuchiya

Personality: She is typically calm and serene, letting no one and no thing bothers her. She hears the wisdom of the ages, communicated by the realities of today. Traditions, Exarchs, whoever it is, they all hear its beat, but miss its rhythm. She shares her wisdom to those who ask, but never to those who don’t; wisdom cannot be taught, only learned. She agrees with the Zen Buddhists, in that only in nonsense can sense be found; always be cryptic and confusing, as these are the facilitators of learning.

At least, that is what her frequently reincarnated soul tells her. The day-to-day reality of Jen's life is a bit different. She likes loud music, but doesn't get loud herself. She likes to meditate, but is just as likely to go skinny dipping with friends. She's calm usually, but wild sometimes too. Above all, she's trying find who she is as an individual, separate from the chaotic din of past lives chatting away in her head.

user posted image

Character Name: Emil Hastings

Alias: Doc, Hastings, Magister Scholae bani Columbiana, Dr. Ferrous (in his youth)

Age: 115

Character Type: Mage

Profession: Headmaster of Columbiana University

House/Seeming: Verditius

Known Affiliations: Freemasons, The Gardeners

PB: Christopher Lloyd

Personality: Hastings is a generally happy and amiable man, even if his mind is a bit dotty with age. He still wonders to this day exactly how he ended up being headmaster of a school, let alone the Columbiana Academy. After all, he is far more often found dressed in a lab coat thrown over his pajamas and tinkering with some invention in his personal lab than in his office in the Administration building. Not to mention that he has little interest in actually running the school. "Oh no, that's what I have Mansfield for. He is so very helpful..."

That doesn't mean that he is completely detached from the school, or reality as some suspect. No, he greatly enjoys wandering the halls through the virtual feed from his "walking eye" robot as it patrols the school and its grounds. Not to mention that he takes any threats to his school or his students very seriously. This ranges from an incursion from the Exarchs to an orphan simply not allowed to stay in his dorm over winter and summer breaks. Hastings may be dotty, and more than a little mad, but his heart is always firmly in the right place.
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