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Jan 10 2016, 01:57 AM
It is no secret that Professor Rosemond is often thinking of ways to innovate what she has coined “Psychical medicine,” “psychical theraphy,” and “psychical operations.” Under the impression that she is on the precipice of making novel changes and breakthroughs under the mantle of psychical medicine, the Jerbiton is in need of volunteers to undergo her program. There are little to no requirements for the volunteers, only that they be willing to undergo alterations to their mindscape, even temporarily, not permanently to see if such an operation(s) is substantiated.

Much of the science seems to be based around the repair of personality disorders, as well as the removal of memories, and or other psycho-neurological experiences that have been instrumental in creating the personality and the ego-identity therein associated with any one subject.

It is with great conviction that Rosemond believes that she is capable of making such a science well-received, and largely for the betterment of those who are troubled with psychological disorders, or otherwise personality disorders. This trial should be viewed as merely a trial alone, and should the efficacy of said operation prove to be to the liking of any volunteer subject, they are more than welcome to retain any alterations involved during the deculturation or enculturation process.

It should be noted that obviously the character will have access to astonishingly personal memories of any volunteers and these things can all be discussed! Hopefully someone joins in! Thanks for taking a look!
Jan 7 2016, 02:25 AM

Player Name: Harvard.

Character Name: Sarah-Maud Rosemond.

Alias: Miss Rosemond, Professor Rosemond, Mind Witch.

Age: 35.

Character Type: Mage.

Class Level: Faculty.

Profession: Psychical Science, Psychical Defence, and Law Professor.

House: Jerbiton.

Secret Societies: None.

PB: Christina Aguilera.

Appearance: No noticeable differences.

Spheres: 12.

Life: 4.
Mind: 4.
Time: 4.

Rotes: 18.

-Analyze Life: Through careful concentration, the mage is able to identify the characteristics of a living organism. The sorts of information garnered from this spell include, but are not limited to: species, age, physical sex, and (where applicable) breed.

-Self-Healing: The mage's understanding of life is complete enough that she can mend bones, cure disease, close cuts, and otherwise heal herself in any way necessary. Her understanding is not yet complete enough to illicit such healing in others, but she has complete mastery of her own health.

-Transform Self: The caster can physically transform themselves to a minor degree, allowing them to perfect their form without truly transforming it. She can temporarily double her strength or stamina, make herself twice as fast, or even make herself dramatically more beautiful (or ugly). This spell is incapable of true transformation into other forms, but is also capable of bestowing animal features to the caster, such as a rabbit's ears or a bear's muscular arms. Note: this can be slightly modified to include human style pheromones, but under no circumstances can the caster's biochemicals override conscious thought entirely.

-Mother's Touch: The caster is now capable of all healing skills available with the spell "Self-Healing" but can now apply its effects to others.

-Shapechanging: The mage is now capable of completely controlling their own life force in such a way as to provide total control of her form. The caster can become anything she desires from a perfect duplicate of another human being, total transformation into a wolf, literally becoming one with a tree, or other drastic alterations. In every case, the mage retains her intellect, but a possibility of instincts or involuntary thoughts pertaining to her new form always lurks in the back of their minds.

-Multi-Tasking: While mortal multi-tasking is impossible despite claims to the contrary, this spell allows the mage to truly maintain multiple trains of thought with little difficulty. While the mage is incapable of maintaining this enchantment through strenuous physical activity, she can hold as many trains of thought as she so desires as long as they involve nothing more physically engaging than writing or tinkering with a device.

-Sense Consciousness: This spell allows the mage to detect any creature with capability for sentient thought within her vicinity. Range affects details available, however. One can detect how many sentients are within a 100 yards, but not where they were or how they move. However, those details could be ascertained if the range is reduced to 10 yards.

-Third Eye: With this spell, the mage can detect the presence f any mystical influence on any minds within 10 yards. This allows her to detect mind control, telepathic eavesdropping, and other ways that other mages have affected the minds of others.

-Subliminal Urging: The mage can project emotions and feelings into the minds of others. This is not mind control, but can lead the target to predictable results. Blinding rage is as likely to result in physical attacks as direct mind manipulation, if used artfully by the caster. Additionally, the target may become aware of such manipulations if they are drastically different than normal; such as feeling delight at the funeral of a beloved spouse.

-Mental Shield: Sometimes the mage wants to protect herself from the prying (third-)eyes of others and this spell allows her to do so. The caster can choose whether this shield takes the form of total concealment of thoughts, blatant barriers against intrusion, or by temporarily erasing memories from her own mind. This spell lasts up to six hours per casting.

-Universal Language: Through telepathic borrowing, the mage is capable of understanding and conversing in any human language. This spell can be used to communicate across any medium (spoken, written, typed, etc) and only requires the caster to be within 25 yards of someone capable of communication in the given language.

-Telepathy: This spell unlocks the minds of others to the mage, thus allowing direct mind-to-mind communication of thoughts, images and emotions across vast distances and without the need for physical proximity. This holds with it no act of compulsion, and is solely useful for communication purposes.

-Psychic Assault: Some spells damage opponents through magical manipulations of objects or the body, but this spell makes the concept of "Mind Over Matter" literally. Through a direct psychic blast, the caster forces the targets body to spasm and neurons to misfire, causing extremely painful and debilitating damage to the target's physical form. This attack is incapable of killing, but sometimes the subject wishes it were.

-Imposter: The caster clouds the perceptions of a single target, implanting suggestions in the minds of the subject that the caster is someone else or that some event is occurring before them. The target is convinced that the mage is this other person and all their perceptions are altered to match their expectations.

-Breach the Vault of Memory: The mage is now capable of reaching into the lowest depths of a subject's mind, accessing not just surface thoughts but memories as well. Once within the deepest levels of the target's subconscious the caster can now psychically read, write, or even rewrite the memories of the subject.

-Psychic Blade: As per "Psychic Assault" only the attack is fully capable of dealing death, often in an extremely painful fashion.

-Momentary Flux: This allows the caster to discern the "Butterfly Effect" of an event occurring before him. Thus, he can see the immediate (5 minutes or so) effects of what is happening before him and respond accordingly. For example, if a mage is being pursued by an enemy, he can cast this spell and determine if it would be a good idea to turn down a particular alleyway. The spell will not tell him what will happen, but it will give him a sense of beneficial or adverse effects.

-Glimpse the Future: When working on some other action, the caster of this spell is granted a glimpse into the most likely outcome of what he is doing. "Which face of this coin will come up when I flip it?" and "Will cutting this wire disarm the bomb?" are both examples of the sorts of immediate outcomes possible to see with this spell.

Personality: At heart, Sarah-Maud Rosemond is wholly an educator. Rosemond is a complex, calculating individual who will analyse a situation fifty times before acting and deciding. First and foremost, Rosemond is the penultimate Jerbiton, preferring to follow the whims of logicians, psychologists, and psionics in the interest of furthering those students underneath her charge. Unlike many Jerbiton who are creative and capable of higher thought on a more philosophical level, Sarah-Maud is creative practically speaking. Rather than being able to illustrate a painting, Sarah-Maud's perception is much more mathematical and concrete, when looking at a painting, Rosemond could easily explain dimensions, proportions, and pixels, but would struggle in capturing the artistic essence of said portrait with expression. Rosemond is a woman largely disconnected from the realms of emotions and effusiveness, having sacrificed such inconsequential things for the more cerebral and mechanical. Such a mentality had been honed and refined through years of meditation and detachment as a young Jerbiton.

For all the anhedonia and ennui that she may developed, Sarah-Maud is rather passionate about education, and education was the reason that she had chosen to remain in the valley. For a figure so disconnected from humanly concerns, there are a few moments whenever there seems to be a spark of humanity to her person where typically there is a shell of an automaton. Identifying as an existential nihilist, Rosemond is under the impression that there is very little meaning to existence, and it is for that reason that attempts to curate a legacy seem largely fueled by ego-identity and other psychological concepts as ego gratification. Relating to others and their own personal stuggles and emotions has always been difficult for Sarah-Maud, and it is for that reason that she flounders at being comforting and consoling, rather, she prefers to remind everyone that they are limited and will eventually die, assuring them that the universe doesn't care about their problems.

History: Having been born the only daughter of two awakened British socialite mages, Sarah-Maud was predestined to live a very similar life to her Jerbiton parents. From a young age, Sarah-Maud was groomed to be the pinnacle of refinement and glamour. Having a theatrical mother certainly had contributed to how histrionic a young Sarah-Maud had been, certainly a far cry from the almost emotionless and passive educator that one sees today. Life was enjoyable as a kid for Rosemond. Dressing up in frilly dresses with large barrel curls made her feel as if she were the next Barbie, but those simple days of dressing up and making appearances would fade once she reached her teen years and had been sent to the states to attend a school that she was told, would “refine” her through her awakening process.

Life at Columbiana was far from any “refinement” as she had previously known it. In the first two years, Sarah-Maud had shed the veneer of refinement that she was programmed with by her upper crust parents. Instead, Rosemond had learned to grow detached from such humanistic concerns as glamour, affluence, and opulence, seeing little value in such notions in the grander scheme of things. It was during this time spent in the Jerbiton house that Sarah-Maud had really struggled with identity and belonging to the world surrounding her, having learned that not all things were akin to the sumptuousness of London that she had previously known. Of course, while she was capable of developing her own identity outside of her parents, she would always return to said identity before visiting them so as to avoid threatening their social identity and public identity.

Rosemond developed a reputation as a very scholastic and precocious student, often earning exceptional merits in her classes, especially in relation to Jerbiton studies, in relation to the mind and honing of the mind and its faculties. Whether or not this was merely a rite of her pedigree, an intrinsic phenomenon or whether it was due to skill and sheer industry alone was unknown, but many of her professors felt that it was only natural given her parents as Jerbiton alumni. Along with her reputation as being exceedingly bright, Rosemond was also known to be exceedingly standoffish to many -if not all- of her classmates. Socializing wasn't necessarily a skill that Rosemond seemed to inherit, and instead, she was very much a recluse. Perhaps during this formative experience in her life, Sarah-Maud had learned that when identity wasn't fixed acting became a floating anchor, and because she was unsure of how to act, she merely existed.

While attending graduate school, Sarah-Maud had studied the humanities as well as furthered her studies in the Jerbiton school of thought, both degrees which mirrored one another. The humanities introduced her to logic, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, parapsychology, religion, comparative religion, law and government. These fields of study Rosemond combined with her education at Columbiana, and ultimately, she created her own courses for instruction whenever she had been offered a position as an instructor at Columbiana.

For the past five years, Rosemond has been a professor at Columbiana, earning a fearsome reputation as an educator. The rumors are such that Rosemond is one of the strictest teachers who doesn't tolerate folly in the confines of her classroom, and such rumors indeed appear to be true.
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